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Mnuchin Gallery retrospective on Alma Thomas to open soon

In 2015, the White House acquired a painting by Alma Thomas entitled Resurrection (1966). The painting, which features concentric circles of bright colours in Thomas’ signature fashion, will soon share […]

New perspectives on the Nabis and Léger

Recent events in Paris and the rest of France during the last few months have meant that some exhibitions have probably not been given the recognition that they deserve. An […]

‘Entirely hollow aside from the dark’: a one of a kind artwork and experience

Entirely hollow aside from the dark is harder to explain with pen and paper, or with a keyboard as is the case here, than it is to experience. The immersive […]

Slava’s Snowshow returning to Broadway- the magic of clown

Clowns occupy a strange space in the minds of western audiences. Especially in North America, clowns more oft than not get pigeonholed into the roles of comedically unfunny or disturbingly […]

Chambord’s utopia

As if suddenly appearing from the forest like a mirage, Chambord has been an object of fascination for 500 years. In fact, barely 500 years, since it was in early […]

Banksy’s Brexit Mural Disappears as Tension in the U.K Rise

A mural made by the street artist Banksy in protest of Brexit disappeared last weekend from its site on a three-story building in Dover, England. A four-tier scaffolding was constructed […]