Maria Trujillo

Maria C. Trujillo grew up as a third culture kid living in South America. She moved to the United States to pursue a B.A. and M. A. in art history. Through her experience as an art museum educator and writer, she strives to build bridges between the past and present, art and audiences, and emotions and empathy. When she’s not writing, Maria loves to read literature, travel to new cities, and explore unique coffee shops.

James Turrell’s “Roden Crater” will See the Light

Anticipation to experience James Turrell’s transformational artwork, Roden Crater, mounts as the artist announces a timeline to finish the 42-year project. The immersive artwork lies within a volcanic crater, a mile and half wide and a half-hour drive from Flagstaff, Arizona. Turrell recently announced that this career-long installation will be open to visitors in five years […]

Museum Workers in New York City Fight Back

Art museum professionals are breaking free of the “passion-as-payment” mentality facing many workers in the United States. In the past six months, staff members of two different modern and contemporary art museums have unionized to protest working conditions for full-time and part-time employees. The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has clashed with […]

Aristotle Roufanis: Crusader for the Lonely

The lens of Aristotle Roufanis sheds light on the lonely lives of city-dwellers through his urban landscapes artworks. I first encountered the Greek artist’s series of hyper-definition images, Alone Together, at Pulse Miami Beach 2018. Roufanis’ lush surfaces and strong contrast of light and shadow drew my attention. Initially, I thought the large-scale cityscapes were […]

Meow Wolf: A Novel Model for Artists on the Fringe

Meow Wolf emerged blazing from the ashes of the Western art incubator that is Santa Fe, NM. Now a 50-million-dollar arts and entertainment group, Meow Wolf began as an art collective in 2008. The original core of roughly ten artists established the group to support one another’s art practices in Santa Fe’s formalized art market: […]

Film Review: “The Price of Everything”

The Price of Everything presents a capricious art market that places living artists at the mercy of a few leaders with many followers. The film presents three vignettes that offer glimpses into the reality of the contemporary art market: the collector, the auction house, and the artist. This review illustrates the bittersweet cycle created for […]

Tara Donovan’s “Fieldwork” Exhibition: Transcending Material

Mundane, everyday materials find new life and beauty through the art of Tara Donovan and her exhibition, Fieldwork. For the first time, the artist’s freestanding and wall-based objects are presented together at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver). Donovan transforms human-made materials into objects that someone might happen upon in nature: bundles of straws cluster […]

Jenny Saville’s “Propped”: Female Worth in the Art Market

Throughout art history, women have struggled to break the shackles of the muse and gain the same footing as male artists. The battle for equality in the art world goes beyond recognition or exhibitions and asserts itself in auction houses. Yet, on October 5, Jenny Saville’s Propped (1992) sold for an astounding £9.5 million at […]