Maria Trujillo

Maria C. Trujillo grew up as a third culture kid living in South America. She moved to the United States to pursue a B.A. and M. A. in art history. Through her experience as an art museum educator and writer, she strives to build bridges between the past and present, art and audiences, and emotions and empathy. When she’s not writing, Maria loves to read literature, travel to new cities, and explore unique coffee shops.

Underwater sculptures: creating life and awareness

Art museums are spaces people visit to experience, admire, and reflect on creativity. Imagine if – instead of walking through high-ceiling galleries or along stark white walls – you could swim beneath warm waves to immerse yourself in a marine sculpture garden? Underwater art installations and museums provide an alternative space for art lovers and […]

Breaking boundaries of Western art: The work of artist Julio Anaya Cabanding

Spanish Artist Julio Anaya Cabanding challenges the meaning of Western masterpieces by presenting them as displaced trompe l’oeil reproductions in urban spaces. The artist leaves the comfort of his studio to create ephemeral works in abandoned locations; this intentional act alters the traditional artwork’s integral relationship with viewers and the museum. How do art spaces […]

Saving Notre Dame: Damages, Renovations, and a Brilliant Future

Although Île de la Cité’s Notre Dame withstood looting, vandalizing during the French Revolution and bomb threats in both world wars, the fire on Monday, April 15 caused the most damage during the cathedral’s 854 years of history. While the cultural heritage site’s most famous relic, a part of the thorny crown that Jesus Christ […]

2019 Havana Biennial: Political from the Start

On Friday, April 12, Cuba celebrates the first day of its 13th Havana Biennial. Exhibitions and activations will continue until May 12, despite government efforts to limit local artists’ creative freedom and deny entry to other artists visiting the festival. Three days before the start of the biennial,  Cuban-American artist and activist Coco Fusco, was […]

2018 Museum Trends: Fashion and Social Interaction

Whether through social media engagement, immersive exhibitions, or fashion-forward thinking, art museums are creating novel opportunities to interact with artwork and with that increasing visitorship like never before. The Art Newspaper’s annual survey of the 20 most visited exhibitions revealed that although established masters and their timeless pieces continue to bring in visitors, fashion exhibitions […]

Judy Chicago and her “Purple Poem for Miami”

Clouds of violet, magenta, and indigo erupted from the Miami Design District and drifted across the city’s skyline. On February 23, 2019, Judy Chicago successfully softened the urbanscape through her performance, A Purple Poem for Miami. The artist is well known for her feminist approach to her art practice; inserting herself into otherwise male-dominated dialogues. […]

Painting Empathy: Jordan Casteel’s “Returning the Gaze” Exhibition

The Denver Art Museum welcomes home an acclaimed local artist striving for social justice causes, and diversity in portraiture. Returning the Gaze is Jordan Casteel’s first major museum exhibition; it includes 30 paintings ranging from 2014 – 2018. Through these larger-than-life artworks, the artist portrays people in her community and unsung heroes of color. The […]