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‘Sensing Change’: an artwork in Chicago reflecting the weather

Weather and the arts have always had an interesting relationship. John Constable’s cloud studies verge on the obsessive, capturing the

Modern grids: sensual and poetic

From July 4 to August 31, the Maubert Gallery is hosting a group exhibition of artists which all revolve around

Bioulès: Montpelier’s master figurative painter

In Montpellier this summer, there’s one event that’s sure to make the headlines, and another that will probably make less

Dreaming of islands at MuCem

Is there anything that can inspire daydreaming more powerfully than insularity? Like Bachelard, everyone nurtures a rich mythology of islands,

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The artist behind Jeffrey Epstein’s portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress speaks out

Petrina Ryan-Kleid is an Australian born artist who studied at the New York Academy of Art. Since graduating in 2012,


Dan Flavin’s light

“Light cannot be considered an objective phenomenon, but that is precisely how I see it”. Dan Flavin, born in New


Dan Flavin’s light

“Light cannot be considered an objective phenomenon, but that is precisely how I see it”. Dan Flavin, born in New York in 1933, was a minimalist artist known for creating neon structures that interacted with surrounding space. After studying for

teamLab’s digital art museum: record for most visited in the world

While some traditional art museums grapple with incorporating technology, new art spaces are becoming synonymous with the digital world. A year ago, teamLab, an enigmatic art collective based in Tokyo, created the first permanent art museum for digital works. Their

Check-in to an Edward Hopper painting at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

In April, the Louvre announced that they would be giving away a night stay inside the museum. In partnership with Airbnb, a couple of lucky guests would get a once-in-a-lifetime experience staying inside one of the world’s most popular institutions.

Statue honouring suffragettes redesigned to include Sojourner Truth

Last month, the Monumental Women Statue Fund proposed a sculpture created by Meredith Bergmann that was to become the first statue in New York City’s Central Park that would honour members of the American suffragette movement. Featuring Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys plan to wake up sleepy New York town with new arts and music centre

An old industrial park on Route 31 in Macedon, New York isn’t the place you’d expect to see turned into an arts facility but that’s exactly what Alicia Keys, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, and her husband and producer Kasseem

170 artworks gifted to Mead Art Museum by anonymous donor

Often times, when a museum receives a sizable donation, it’s a fairly established, publicized event. Sometimes, the process begins years before the gift ever happens and it’s a foregone conclusion where the works will call home in the future. However,

Billie Eilish accused of stealing artists work, pulls clothing line from website

Just a week ago, 17-year-old singer Billie Eilish released a capsule apparel collection that she created in collaboration with Siberia Hills, a fashion company founded in 2017 by designer Daf Orlovsky. However, the singer has since pulled the line, which

Nine Nazi-looted artworks returned by Munich institutions

Over eight decades have passed since Julius and Semaya Franziska Davidsohn, Jewish art collectors, were arrested by the Gestapo. On that day in 1938, the entirety of their possessions were seized by the Nazis in Munich and the Davidsohns, who

Jamaica calls on British Museum to return artefacts

Amid heightening tensions concerning the repatriation of items currently residing at large institutions, Jamaica has joined the list of countries looking for the return of culturally significant items. Before Jamaica’s parliament, Olivia Grange, cultural minister of Jamaica, called on officials