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Sculpture by Simone Leigh inaugurates the High Line’s newest extension

New York City’s High Line celebrated the most recent addition to the innovative public park on June 4th called the

AI robot Ai-Da presents her original artworks in exhibition

Dressed in an oversized white button-up with her long black hair hanging loose, Ai-Da can easily pass for an artist

Owner of Banksy’s ‘Season’s Greeting’ ditches museum plans

John Brandler, an Essex-based art dealer and gallery owner, has backed away from plans to open a street art museum

Guggenheim employees motion to unionize

Last week, Local 30 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (Local 30) filed a petition with the National Labor

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Lonnie G. Bunch III: making history as the first black secretary of the Smithsonian

This week, the Smithsonian Institution (SI) ushered in a new secretary making museum history. Lonnie G. Bunch III took his


Google spreadsheet highlighting museum wages taken down

A Google Spreadsheet document asking museum sector employees to post their position and salary to shed light on the earnings


‘Bomb Peak’ aids researchers in spotting forgeries

In the 1940s, researchers made a monumental scientific breakthrough using carbon to date organic matter. We know the process as radiocarbon dating and chances are you learned about it in science class when talking about dinosaurs and the age of

Artist interview with Nigel Whittaker: from the BP Portrait Award Exhibition to life with his late father

Each year, a number of artists are featured in the National Gallery’s BP Portrait Award Exhibition. This year, 44 artists have been chosen out of thousands of submissions from 84 countries to exhibit in the exhibition that opens on Thursday

Art Basel highlights the art trading which takes place in the shadows

Art Basel—the world’s biggest art fair— kicks off this week, with thousands of art lovers expected to descend on the Swiss city for six days of lavish events and art exhibitions. Attendees will be treated to installations from some 4,000

Matisse’s Odalisque Painting leads at Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Sale in London

The female muse has been one of the oldest and most commonly depicted motifs in paintings. While some of these female figures may very well be the artists’ lovers, others simply play an important role in their lives. The upcoming

HUM(AI)N- Technology’s place in humanity

In the wake of artificial intelligence’s ever increasing presence within life and the arts, there can at times be an element missing from the experiences offered by it. As a very cerebral concept for most people, it remains as such

After 300 years, Titian’s ‘Poesies’ will reunite

For the first time in more than 300 years, one of the most significant series of high Renaissance paintings will reunite thanks to the partnership of galleries in London, Boston, Edinburgh, and Madrid. Together, the paintings will be shown in

Albert Serra’s Guide to Pleasure

The generally “self-righteous” routine of the Cannes International Film Festival – whose current topics include immigration, the environment and corruption of the world’s “big wigs” – which ended on May 25, was suddenly shaken up at the end of its

Report finds that nearly 70% of the artists represented by major London galleries are men

In February, a study showed that in the US, a severe lack of diversity persists amongst artists that make up the collections of major museums. However, it seems like international museums are trying to remedy such issues of diversity, particularly

Louvre ditches Salvator Mundi over authenticity doubts

Salvator Mundi, the world’s most expensive painting, will no longer be part of this year’s highly anticipated Leonardo da Vinci show in Paris after many months of a failed attempt to attribute it to the artist. The painting famously sold