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Amazon cuts ties to The Cheech Centre over critical art

In a regular reminder that mega-corporations and arts funding are not an ideal mixture, Amazon has cut ties and scrapped their ongoing funding of The Cheech Marin Centre for Chicano […]

Cardiff Miller Art Warehouse housing a unique legacy in B.C.

Locales are always something of great necessity and value in the arts community. No matter the medium, there is a constant struggle to find space to display one’s work. Sometimes […]

Roblox Met collaboration unveiled with museum’s new app

We are well into the early stages of Web 3 now, the major hallmarks of which have been cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, and lacklustre digital approximations of existent attractions. The steady […]

Culture worker strike forces closure of the British Museum

In response to poor working conditions and low wages, the United Kingdom is seeing a workers’ strike across its cultural sector. Having started at the top of the month, one […]

The NGC reopening for an eventful 2023

The National Gallery of Canada has had an eventful time since the start of the pandemic. From its plans to restructure the gallery from the ground up—with Indigenous perspective and […]

Greg Hill notes colonist actions in National Gallery of Canada layoff

In a shocking move from one of Canada’s keystone art institutions, the National Gallery of Canada has laid off four of its senior members abruptly. The gallery states that this […]

Former CBGB space reopens as Spazio Amanita gallery

Arts spaces are unfortunately ephemeral things. As time goes by, it’s inevitable that institutions dev0ted t0 the arts—whether they be independent galleries, performance spaces, or studios—will encounter difficulties, and many […]