‘Pixel Pioneer’ debuts unseen digital works by Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s vibrant expressions of cartoonishly simple humanity in motion have become ubiquitous with the framings of the late 80s art world. His truly individual style is gently suffused with […]

One Ring to rule them all–found in Toronto

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”   An in-universe rhyme that describes the […]

FTX seeks return of $550,000 donation to the Met

The past several years in the art world have been largely denoted by the growing and seemingly unavoidable connection that cryptocurrency and NFTs were having to the industry. The terms […]

Whaam! Blam! and Roy Lichtenstein’s stamps

Pop art has always been a style ripe with issues of intellectual property. What constitutes theft in art, and what is merely inspiration or homage? Where is that oddly ephemeral […]

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” auction raises $500,000

As cinema has grown over the past century, and especially across the last two decades, we have seen the mainstream attain a more and more avant-garde bend. Quite possibly one […]

Stolen Ukrainian art finding safe havens from war

As is always the case over the course of war and invasions, Russia has looted much artwork from Ukraine over the last year. Surely much of what was taken will […]

Orchestrator of stolen Banksy faces long prison sentence

While sparks of hope can ignite in the darkest of times, so too can people turn to selfish acts in desperation. And it is hard to wag too strong a […]