Dominique Païni

Dominique Païni is a curator and art critic specalizing in World Cinema. Most notably he managed the Cinémathèque Française and also the development of the Georges Pompidou Centre. He has had exhibits at both these institutions as well as for Le Grand Palais, Le Fresnoy, The Maeght Foundation and others.

Kelly and Vasarely, from tenderness to visual fatigue

In early March, two exhibitions with significantly different objectives premiered within the same institution, the Centre Pompidou: “Ellsworth Kelly, Windows” and “Vasarely, Sharing Forms”. The first exhibition, designed by Jean-Pierre Criqui, is remarkable. The word “designed” is most appropriate here because it distinguishes the work featured in this exhibit from anything assembled by an ordinary curator. […]

Diamonds on end-of-century awnings

Today’s column breaks from the usual format of commenting on French cultural news in order to discuss an Italian institution that has been the target of violent attacks stemming from repressive opinion trends. The Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrare, in Émilie-Romagne, is one of the most prestigious exhibition spaces in Italy. Its rich and diverse […]

Audience or attendance?

Lately there has been a concurrence of exhibitions where developing an audience has been more important than merely ensuring public attendance. What has been impressive about these exhibitions is their very intimate setting which make them feel almost like a visit to a private study. Recently the Grand Palais hosted a stunning exhibition dedicated to […]

Filming the state of the world… and of oneself

My latest cinematic article shines a spotlight on two filmmakers, Olivier Assayas and Mia Hansen Løve, who were lovers in the past. Non-fiction, the latest film by Assayas, poses the question “is this how men live?”, to borrow the famous words of a poet. The director turns this observation into a mixture of joy and […]

Cubism and dance

Since October 17 the Centre Pompidou has been hosting a historical retrospective devoted to cubism. The historic nature of this event lies in the number of works that have been brought together and the international origin of the loans. Much is known about this visual arts style whose impact has reverberated across all areas of […]

Schoenberg, de Keersmaeker, Freud, and the restless nights of autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris is brimming with exciting events of all kinds and while some of the films previewed at the Cannes Film Festival may be slow to reach movie theatres, there is still plenty of dance, concerts and live theatre–so much that even the most seasoned audiences will not have time to discover it all. […]

Long live the end of summer ! (III)

Valéria If I had to mark this fall by one other event, it would be the bonus and the privilege of having attended a private screening of Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi’s latest film, The Summer House, which was shown at the Venice Film Festival at the beginning of September. Valeria once again “takes a risk” by exposing […]