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Painter Maria Helena Vieira da Silva’s poetic works in Paris

“I look at the street and at people walking on foot with different appearances advancing at different speeds,” said Portuguese-born abstractionist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908 – 1992), a […]

Has Banksy altered ‘Devolved Parliament’?

Banksy’s painting Devolved Parliament, originally titled Question Time, presents a tongue-in-cheek take on the UK’s parliament. The 2009 work not only features a literal de-evolved group of Members of Parliament but […]

Museum Day means free admission to hundreds of US museums (and it’s tomorrow!)

Coming to a city and stumbling across a free museum is like a godsend. For art lovers, history buffs, students, and someone just looking to kill a few hours, it’s […]

Dessau opens museum honouring the Bauhaus school

This has been a big year for Dessau as people around the world have celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. The influential school of architecture was based in the German […]

Warhol’s ‘Athletes’ series heads to auction alongside other works from the Richard L. Weisman collection

‘I personally don’t like to limit the scope of my collecting – I just love the art.’ Richard L. Weisman, a businessman who passed away last year, once made that […]

Bruce Munro bathes hills of California in light

If you happened upon the right area of Paso Robles in the hills of California in the evening, you might think you’ve fallen into a psychedelic version of the Wizard […]

Palazzo Strozzi censored by Instagram

Censorship is an ongoing battle and social media isn’t clear of the practice. Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have consistently been at odds with the art world as artworks, […]