Deconstructed devices become art through the lens of one man’s camera

There’s a perverse pleasure that comes from taking something apart or seeing exactly how things tick. However, most people are brave enough to disassemble their favourite devices or day-to-day items that, unless you’re an engineer, might not go back together. This, though, is exactly what Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan has become known for.     […]

Basquiat show sells out before it even opens

A survey of about 70 artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat recently opened at the Brant Foundation’s newly-remodelled gallery space in New York’s East Village but if you didn’t snatch up a ticket early, the waiting list might be your only hope. The show, simply bearing Basquiat’s name, opened March 6th and will run until May 15th. […]

The Venice Biennale announces artists list for ‘May You Live in Interesting Times’

After months of speculation and curiosity over who would be part of the Venice Biennale’s main show ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ running from May 11th through November 24th, the wait is over. The list of those participating in the show was recently announced by show organizers. 79 entries will make up the show ranging from […]

A look at a Seicento Roman workshop

The exhibition being shown by Galerie Nationale d’art Ancien of Rome at Palais Barberini may be small in scope (not because of the size of the paintings!), but it’s significant in what it reveals about a time that’s very important to all enthusiasts, and especially those who have read Yves Bonnefoy: Rome during the period […]

Repatriation, meet authentication: how a Hawaiian sculpture is raising curiosity

What happens when the authenticity of a repatriated artwork is called into question? That’s exactly what the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (BPBM) in Honolulu may have to figure out after Marc Benioff, a tech billionaire, donated a wooden statue of a Hawaiian war god in 2018 that he’d purchased for $7.5 million. The 21-inch statue […]

Art UK begins an online catalogue for public sculptures

In 2012, the Public Catalogue Foundation, which operates the charity Art UK, announced that it, in partnership with the BBC, had successfully put images of all 211,861 paintings owned publicly by the UK online in a database. Now, seven years later, Art UK is setting out to do the same for the UK’s public sculptures. […]

Alain Gualina’s sea lanes

A bird flying across a dark sea is a familiar motif on almost all of Alain Gualina’s seascape photos, representing a call to freedom and hope and in some ways, his signature. Its recurring presence is certainly appropriate, an example of Gualina’s mastery at capturing images that are always disciplined without ever being rigid. The […]