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Monaghan & Boyd astound in Neptune Theatre’s “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern”

If you were to tell me years ago that one of the biggest draws to Nova Scotia’s premiere regional theatre in 2024 would be a pair of hobbits, I would’ve […]

The Runner pulled from Belfry Theatre amidst mounting tensions

We have been no stranger to gruesome conflicts at borders these past years. But the Israel-Palestine conflict that still rages on has been a much more divisive matter of public […]

Honourees announced for 77th Annual Theatre World Awards

The list of honourees has just been released for the 77th Annual Theatre World Awards, one of the most celebrated and long-running award ceremonies in all of Broadway. With the […]

Ballad of the Motherland plunges humanity’s dark depth in wartime

Last week saw the close of Neptune Theatre’s most recent production, Annie Valentina’s new play Ballad of the Motherland. And while the window of opportunity may be closed for now […]

“Is God Is” Black Out performance draws undue ire

The National Arts Centre, as the pinnacle performing arts centre of Canada, tends to create ripples with its decisions. The company sets many precedents, is an incubator for much of […]

“The Collaboration” examines Warhol and Basquiat with gloves off

This year has been rich with examination of the life of Andy Warhol. Most notable was The Andy Warhol Diaries, a Netflix series that went through his life chapter by […]

PRO.ACT Theatre Festival brings English theatre to the Ukraine

As the war rages on between Ukraine and Russia, there is a clear desire amongst its populace to hold onto what bits of normalcy and expression they can in the […]