Alain Rauwel

Alain Rauwel, docteur en histoire, enseigne à l'Université de Dijon et à l'École des Hautes études en Sciences sociales. Il est co-rédacteur en chef d'Art critique.

MoCo: Montpellier has a new art space

Temperatures were high and so was the turnout on June 29th for the opening of MoCo, also known as “Montpellier Contemporain”, a new art centre, or as some call it, the Languedoc region’s art hub. This festive occasion marked the culmination of a journey that was long and difficult. Initially the beautiful Hotel Montcalm, in […]

German drawings at the Petit Palais

The neoclassical era, of which Goethe is one of the most influential figures, represents an exceptional period for the illustrative arts. At the same time, despite its brief existence, this movement is complex and multidimensional. A graphic collection now being shown in Weimar provides brilliant and appealing proof of both these statements. Currently the Petit […]

1815 – 1848: Paris amidst excitement and historicism

The Petit Palais is somewhere in Paris that you’re sure to find crowded exhibitions with viewers deep in thought, just like the Baroque des Lumières in 2017. A stroll through Romantic Paris also promises to be a delight. Nevertheless, there’s still an initial annoyance to overcome; the exhibition has been laid out according to a topographic […]

The global Goethe

Alain Badiou, a paradoxical Wagnerian, defends the idea which asserts that Germany’s ambitions for worldwide recognition can only be achieved through its art; if that’s the case then Goethe is well-positioned to embody this global fame. Even in his own lifetime, he represented a living statue of wisdom for a majority of the literary world […]

Matera, at the heart of another Renaissance

Matera, in the heart of Basilicata region, right in Southern Italy, has been awarded the coveted title of European cultural capital for 2019. The southern city has used this opportunity to offer a programme that is as generous as it is attractive, of which one of the highlights is an ambitious exhibition being held this […]

Dijon’s museum gets a renovation

After undergoing a very, very long reconstruction period, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, one of the most luxurious in Europe, will be reopening its doors. An advertising campaign appropriately proclaims that it’s “a museum transformed”. However, those visitors familiar with the museum’s former layout may have a bit of difficulty finding their way around […]

Marine Giangregorio: the world’s silence and sensuality

There’s an open area on a busy street in the 9th arrondissement. Children pass by as they leave school. In this scene, Marine Giangregorio’s photographs hang on the side of an embankment. But not just images; the photographer’s words are there too and in more than one sense, she is their author given that she […]