Alain Rauwel

Alain Rauwel, docteur en histoire, enseigne à l'Université de Dijon et à l'École des Hautes études en Sciences sociales.

Chambord’s utopia

As if suddenly appearing from the forest like a mirage, Chambord has been an object of fascination for 500 years. In fact, barely 500 years, since it was in early September 1519 that construction began on the Renaissance’s most lavish princely residence. To mark this anniversary, there is currently a very substantial and inventive exhibition […]

Architectural lighting in Firminy

Few buildings have resolved the challenge of interior lighting with more mastery than the church of Saint-Pierre in Firminy, Le Corbusier’s “newest”, a project which was conceived after the architect’s death but whose production then took several years, so many, in fact, that the completed church is now a 21st century building. With its lighting […]

Bioulès: Montpelier’s master figurative painter

In Montpellier this summer, there’s one event that’s sure to make the headlines, and another that will probably make less of a media buzz because great painting is always silent: the ambitious retrospective of Vincent Bioulès hosted by the Fabre Museum. Providing an overview of the work of this artist, who has six decades of […]

Dreaming of islands at MuCem

Is there anything that can inspire daydreaming more powerfully than insularity? Like Bachelard, everyone nurtures a rich mythology of islands, full of words and images. So, visitors can embark with great pleasure on a tour of the Musée de l’art Contemporain de Montpellier’s (MuCem) beautiful exhibition that employs the concept of islands as its motif. […]

Dijon’s museum gets a renovation (II)

Last month, Art Critique announced the highly anticipated reopening of the Dijon Musée des Beaux-Arts. Judgement is reserved about whether the exhibition of modern and contemporary collections lived up to its promise. It does, however, raise a piercing question about the fate of what makes (made?) the modern Museum what it is today, namely the […]

MoCo: Montpellier has a new art space

Temperatures were high and so was the turnout on June 29th for the opening of MoCo, also known as “Montpellier Contemporain”, a new art centre, or as some call it, the Languedoc region’s art hub. This festive occasion marked the culmination of a journey that was long and difficult. Initially the beautiful Hotel Montcalm, in […]

German drawings at the Petit Palais

The neoclassical era, of which Goethe is one of the most influential figures, represents an exceptional period for the illustrative arts. At the same time, despite its brief existence, this movement is complex and multidimensional. A graphic collection now being shown in Weimar provides brilliant and appealing proof of both these statements. Currently the Petit […]