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Warhol’s ‘Athletes’ series heads to auction alongside other works from the Richard L. Weisman collection

‘I personally don’t like to limit the scope of my collecting – I just love the art.’ Richard L. Weisman, a businessman who passed away last year, once made that remark about his collection, some of which is soon to hit the auction block at Christie’s. Beginning this fall, a number of works once belonging […]

Banksy’s longtime agent steps away from the gallery world

Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s former agent, and co-founder of London-based Lazinc gallery, is walking away from the gallery world. Speaking to the Art Newspaper, he expressed frustrations with the “snobbery of the art world” and the difficulty of being in the mid-market range. “I never fucking wanted to be a gallerist, I never wanted to sell […]

Bruce Munro bathes hills of California in light

If you happened upon the right area of Paso Robles in the hills of California in the evening, you might think you’ve fallen into a psychedelic version of the Wizard of Oz poppy field. The flowers in Paso Robles wouldn’t lull you into an opium-induced slumber though. No, what you’d be experiencing is the awe-inspiring […]

Banksy’s ‘Devolved Parliament’ is heading to Sotheby’s prior to Brexit day

Almost one year after Banksy made auction history for shredding one of his paintings moments after it sold, the anonymous street artist is once again back in auction and breaking records. His largest known oil-on-canvas, depicting a chaotic scene in the U.K. parliament, will soon be shown and auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London ahead […]

Palazzo Strozzi censored by Instagram

Censorship is an ongoing battle and social media isn’t clear of the practice. Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have consistently been at odds with the art world as artworks, particularly those featuring the nude body and more times than not, the female nude body, are removed from feeds due to their subject matter. Most […]

’William Blake’ at Tate Britain is unique, wonderful, sometimes odd, and a must see

Following William Blake’s rather unsuccessful exhibition in 1809, the Examiner reported his works to be ‘[a] farrago of nonsense, unintelligibleness, and egregious vanity, the wild effusions of a distempered brain.’ Things could not be more different for Blake’s recently opened exhibition at Tate Britain, the largest retrospectives of his works in nearly 20 years. Simply […]

Golden toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace in overnight heist valued at £4.8m

Maurizio Cattelan’s Golden Toilet work, titled “America”, was stolen from Blenheim Palace in an overnight heist, the palace revealed. The fully functioning toilet was made of 18-carat gold and was valued at £4.8m. It was being shown at the Palace as part of a blockbuster show displaying iconic artworks by the famed Italian Conceptual artist, […]