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New French task force to hone in on Nazi-looted art

In the coming weeks, a new French task force will be researching and returning artworks looted during the Nazi occupation of France to their rightful owners or their heirs. The task force, which was announced last year, is a new office within France’s ministry of culture. The five-person staff, headed by culture ministry official David […]

The marketing genius behind the ‘Salvator Mundi’ switches gears

Chances are that the name Marc Sands doesn’t necessarily ring any bells, although his CV and track record most certainly do. As chief marketing officer at Christie’s, Sands was vital in the campaign behind the auction house’s most impressive sale to date: the record-smashing sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. The auction house made history […]

The Hague to begin tribunal to specially handle art disputes

The Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA), the first ever tribunal that will focus explicitly on art disputes located in the Hague, is set to begin work on April 1st. The CAfA was formally launched in June of last year by the Netherlands Arbitration Institute and Authentication in Art, a non-profit organization. Based out of […]

CIMAM states their deep concern over Ralf Beil’s December termination from the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Back in December, Ralf Beil, director of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, was unexpectedly terminated a year before his contract was up in January of 2020. There has been much speculation as to why he was let go so abruptly and seemingly without any decent reason. Nevertheless, Beil was informed by museum lawyers on December 13th that […]

A statue once housed in a mouldy box now believed to have been made by Michelangelo

Two decades after a small sculpture of the Virgin cradling Christ after his crucifixion was bought for next to nothing by a collector and now, it is believed the statuette was made by Michelangelo. For 10 years, art historians have worked tirelessly to determine if the terracotta work was in fact by the Old Master. […]

Highlighting diversity amongst collections: new report takes closer look at 18 major US museums

In recent years, issues and research concerning the lack of diversity amongst museum employees have compelled museums to re-evaluate the lack of diversification among their employees and those they attract to their galleries. Nothing, though, had been reported on concerning the lack of diversity within the museums’ collections. That is until now. A brand-new study […]

A Farewell to Irving Lavin

On February 3rd in Princeton, at the Institute for Advanced Study, Irving Lavin, one of the most important art historians of our time, passed away. For many years he occupied the Institute’s illustrious chair in art history which had previously been held by Panofsky (whose Three Essays on Style he submitted to Le Promeneur). According […]