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Once thought a fake, experts now link painting to Rembrandt

A small, postcard-sized panel painting held at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum for decades has been determined to be from the Rembrandt workshop. The painting was long thought to be at worst, a forged Rembrandt, and at best, a later artist copying the Old Master’s style, but recent testing has disproved this long-held belief. Tomorrow, the painting, […]

MIT develops AI that identifies similarities between unrelated artworks, spanning centuries, artists, and mediums

Art imitating art? That isn’t quite the case here, but a new algorithm developed by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in conjunction with Microsoft searchers for art that looks like other artworks. Called MosAIc, the algorithm uses artificial intelligence to search for works that are similar in nature or similar in […]

A sample taken from Stonehenge 60 years ago helped researchers figure out sarsen stone origins

Thanks to a core sample from a 1950s repair to Stonehenge’s “Stone 58,” researchers have been able to locate the exact place where the massive sarsen stones came from. A study published in the Science Journal last month revealed that the sarsen megaliths came from the chalk hills of Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire, just 15 […]

Thanks to astronomy, researchers in Texas figure out the time, date, and year of Vermeer’s “View of Delft”

Nothing if not technical, Vermeer is known for his expert handling of light and shadow, which has mesmerised many for centuries. However, even today, not a lot is known about the artist’s life and how he worked, which is how he earned the nickname “The Sphinx of Delft” and why many of his works remain […]

The REALM Project sheds light on how long the COVID-19-causing virus can live on library materials

Social distancing and other safety precautions have adjusted the way visitors experience museums, galleries, and more as lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. However, for libraries, whether it be a public library or the Victoria & Albert’s reading rooms, what happens when their main items are meant to be handled, thumbed through, and taken home, yet […]

Botched restoration has experts calling for more regulation in Spain

Yet another detrimental restoration effort has made headlines in Spain, raising more concern for the lack of regulation regarding the restoration of art objects. This time, baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s copy of The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables fell victim to distorting restoration, leaving the face of the Virgin Mary nearly unrecognizable when compared to […]

Former Investment Banker predicts that the art market won’t recover until a vaccine is widely available

Before it sees a recovery, the art market has a lot to learn from the banking industry, particularly at a time when its facing yet another global economic crisis. Or at least that’s what Patric Johnson, a former investment banker and now newcomer to the art world, firmly believes. Johnson currently serves as a managing […]