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Could the only statue by Leonardo be hiding in the V&A? One professor thinks so…

Francesco Caglioti, professor of the history of art at the University of Federico II of Naples, has recently attributed a statue to Leonardo da Vinci, which would make it the only existing sculptural work by the Renaissance Master. The petite terracotta statue known as The Virgin with the Laughing Child belongs to London’s Victoria and […]

Van Gogh Museum’s ‘Sunflowers’ to stay in Amsterdam permanently

Well-known and well-loved, the Van Gogh Museum’s Sunflowers (1889) by the Dutch master has recently undergone a ‘full body scan’ to better understand its condition. The scan determined that the iconic artwork is currently not fit to travel as it is ‘stable but vulnerable’ according to the museum’s director. Thus, the painting will stay put […]

King Tut’s tomb: 10 years of conservation

After a decade, extensive conservation and preservation efforts have wrapped up at King Tut’s tomb in Egypt. The project gets the major tourist destination ready just ahead of the 100th anniversary of when British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen’s final resting place in 1922. In the decades that followed Carter’s historic discovery, hundreds of thousands […]

Felwine Sarr and Bénédicte Savory respond to criticism of their repatriation report

On the heels of a November report suggesting that France immediately return African artefacts and artworks taken during the colonial period, authors Felwine Sarr and Bénédicte Savoy have found themselves defending their conclusions. After French president Emmanuel Macron commissioned the report in 2017, Sarr, and economist, and Savoy, an art historian, set to work consolidating information […]

‘Indiana Jones of art’ finds priceless Visigoth artworks in England

Imagine searching over 10 years for stolen artwork – artwork that might turn up, but might also be so well hidden it remains elusive, or has already been destroyed out of fear that it could lead to the thief. This, exactly, is the job of Dutch art detective Arthur Brand and his most recent case. […]

New study sheds light on Rembrandt’s impasto technique

Works by Rembrandt (1606-1669) are often easy to spot. Trained completely in the North – unusual for the time, artists often worked towards studying in Italy – Rembrandt built a career and name for himself. As one of the most well-known Dutch artists, he is often thought of as a painter of light and shade […]

The inaugural Art World Conference set for April

Dexter Wimberly and Heather Bhandari have come together to create the Art World Conference (AWC). The new, to-be annual event will bring 300 artists and art professionals of all levels together to grow within their field and develop professionally. According to the AWC’s website, the conference will focus on business and financial literacy and will […]