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France blocks export of Cimabue masterpiece found in kitchen

The discovery of a 13th Century Cimabue painting at an elderly woman’s home in northern France made headlines in September and now the French government has given it national treasure status by blocking its export. After being overlooked by the woman and her family as just another religious iconography, it was spotted by auctioneer Philomène […]

New study shows correlation between experiencing art and living longer

Death is a recurring theme in art from some of the oldest works to present day. Walking through most museums, you won’t have to stray far before seeing a symbol, like a skull or a clock, representing the inevitability of death and the fragility of life. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal […]

Museums present visual art as beautiful things you can touch

Patricia Bérubé, Carleton University A shift is taking place in museums and the way art history is presented globally. More museums now value visitor experience and at the same time, there is a growing emphasis on accessibility in Canadian public institutions. Some museums are offering adapted guided tours, which include tactile elements in addition to […]

Long-lost €6m painting found in elderly woman’s kitchen

An early Renaissance masterpiece by Cimabue was discovered in a kitchen of a French apartment, where it was being discarded as trash during a house clearance had an auctioneer not spotted it. Cimabue, also known as Cenni di Pepo or Cenni di Pepi, was an Italian painter and designer of mosaics from Florence. Despite being […]

J. Paul Getty Trust dedicates $100 million to worldwide heritage sites

Just a few days ago, the J. Paul Getty Trust announced an ambitious project that the organization is embarking on, which they’re calling Ancient Worlds Now: A Future for the Past. The initiative will span a decade, work around the world, and dedicate $100 million to the better understanding of and legacy of cultural heritage […]

California African American Museum names Cameron Shaw as deputy director and chief curator

The California African American Museum (CAAM) recently announced that Cameron Shaw would become the museum’s deputy director and chief curator. As of September 12th, Shaw, who is a writer, curator, and editor, took on her new role at the CAAM after having been the director of the Pelican Bomb, a non-profit contemporary art organization in […]

Germany returns two paintings to heirs of Jewish art collector and businessman

In the latest in restitution news, Germany has returned another two paintings taken during World War II. This time, the works have gone back to the heirs of a well-known Jewish art collector and the former owner of the paintings. The pair of medieval panel paintings were once part of Harry Fuld Senior’s extensive collection […]