Katherine Keener

Katherine Keener is an art historian and art writer. Currently based in London by way of the USA, she finds inspiration in the ever-changing landscape of the art world.

Here’s who’s exhibiting this year at Frieze London…

As autumn begins to sneak into London, the telltale signs that Frieze are popping up as well. In addition to Frieze Sculpture, which has been on view to the public since July, the hustle and bustle to prep for the three-day fair are beginning now, too. Between October 3rd and 6th, Frieze London will take […]

Tate Britain features John Hoyland in ‘Spotlight’ series

Sometimes, to get the feel for an artist’s progression as they develop through their career, you don’t need to look at hundreds of works. Sometimes, it only takes a few as is the case of one of Tate Britain’s newest exhibitions of works by British artist John Hoyland. Six works by Hoyland (1934-2011) went on […]

Banksy comments on the removal of 2017 Brexit mural

Earlier today Banksy took to Instagram to comment on the fate of the artist’s 2017 Brexit mural in Dover. ‘Oh,’ wrote Banksy, ‘I had planned that on the day of Brexit I was going to change the piece in Dover to this.. But seems they’ve painted over it. Nevermind. I guess a big white flag […]

‘Sisters of the Brush’: An exhibition in Hawaii exploring The Seven and the women artists who helped pave their way

Entering its final weeks is a unique exhibition of Hawaiian artworks. These works aren’t just any works, though, as they represent a significant group of women artists called The Seven and the women who set the stage for them. ‘Sisters of the Brush: Women Artists of Hawaii, 1880-2000’ at the Isaacs Art Center (IAC) thus […]

The beloved collection of I.M. and Eileen Pei heads to auction, estimated to bring in $25 million

I.M. Pei is easily one of the most important architects of the past 50 years, if not the last century. At 102, he passed away earlier this year in May just after his iconic glass pyramid at the Louvre turned 30. Pei was preceded in death by his wife of 72 years, Eileen, who passed […]

‘Michael Jackson: On the Wall’ continues to flourish at Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Since Leaving Neverland, a 2019 documentary, shook the core of many fans of the singer and songwriter Michael Jackson, his reputation has been tinged for some. You might expect that an exhibition of works centring on the ‘King of Pop,’ then, might receive negative feedback these days. However, so far, it seems it hasn’t after […]

‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ sets V&A attendance record

In February, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London kicked off their exhibition ‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams.’ They knew going in that the exhibition would be a popular one but they did not suspect just how popular. The exhibition wrapped up last week on September 1st and two days later, the museum announced […]