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Ai Weiwei’s Lego classics are much more than playful reproduction

Art Basel has become the annual mecca for the year’s oddball artistic offering. From Maurizio Cattelan’s Comedian to MSCHF’s ATM Leaderboard, it is a home for statements in surprising formats. […]

Lighthouse Immersive files for bankruptcy in U.S.

Classics always find their way into the future—whether through a radio station spinning oldies side-by-side with the new stuff, social media trends sampling dialogue, exhibitions re-contextualizing work, or the simple […]

“FTX BOARD MEETING” Beeple’s first museum acquisition

Beeple has been frequently in the spotlight over the past few years. An early pioneer and signal booster of the NFT movement, his name has become synonymous with digital art […]

Hannah Gadsby exhibition “It’s Pablo-matic” riles critics

Hannah Gadsby made international waves with their unique Netflix stand-up/storytelling hybrid Nanette back in 2018, digging into their history as a comedian, their studies of art history, and the rampant […]

Ashish: Fall in Love and Be More Tender exhibition – a glittering testament to a fashion genius

Naomi Braithwaite, Nottingham Trent University The first retrospective exhibition of the fashion designer Ashish Gupta has opened at London’s William Morris Gallery. As an expert in fashion marketing (and a […]

Warhol x Basquiat re-explores the legendary collaboration

Some historical artistic events don’t truly gain the appreciation or traction their scope deserves without hindsight. One such event is the legendary collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, an […]

Guud san glans Robert Davidson at Vancouver Art Gallery

The aesthetic sensibilities of the Haida are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable, a wealth of modern artists bringing the bold styles of their people to modern audiences. […]