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‘AI: More Than Human’ – past, present, future, and an exhibition you should check out

‘AI: More Than Human’ takes on a lot. It seeks to explore humanity’s first notions of AI, or what one could maybe call AI, how we developed AI into the force it is today and where we’re going with it. So, what it’s tackling is no small feat. Chock-full of objects, the exhibition quickly bounces […]

Steve Martin’s collection of Indigenous Australian painters on show at Gagosian

Recently, the Gagosian opened an exhibition highlighting works by ten major Indigenous Australian painters titled ‘Desert Painters of Australia.’ The works, which span three generations of artists from the Central and Western Desert regions of Australia, belong primarily to American actor and comedian Steve Martin and his wife Anne Stringfield.     Martin bought his […]

Five must-see London exhibitions

In London, as the days get warmer and the sun stays out longer, it’s tempting to spend every possible moment outside in the parks or in a garden sipping a G&T. However, if you find yourself a little too sunburnt or the cool weather snaps back, there are a number of exhibitions around the city […]

David Hockney to showcase first exhibition in 20 years with works dating back to his childhood

“David Hockney: Drawings from Life” will be the first major show dedicated to the great artist’s drawings in over two decades. The exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery will include self-portraits as well as portraits of some of his favourite subjects; his mother Laura Hockney, his muse Celia Birtwell, and his friends Gregory Evans and […]

‘Holding Up a Mirror’: Malaysia’s first Venice Biennale

For Malaysia’s inaugural pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, the theme and title of the exhibition, ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ is particularly fitting. For their first ever pavilion, the Malaysian National Art Gallery will present an exhibition by the name ‘Holding Up a Mirror.’ It will feature four […]

‘Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition’ is a must-see

‘He could be a bit of a dictator. But then he was also a genius.’ –Jan Harlan, executive producer for Stanley Kubrick for 25 years   Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) was not one for making short cuts. No, he was meticulous and unwavering when it came to the research and production of the movies he created. […]

‘Ernie Barnes: A Retrospective’ opens today at the California African American Museum

Today, an exhibition honouring the late artist Ernie Barnes (1938-2009) opens at the California African American Museum (CAAM). ‘Ernie Barnes: A Retrospective’ will offer a survey of the life and work of the iconic African American artist. Running from today through September 8th, the exhibition is curated by Bridget R. Cooks, an associate professor of […]