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Hannah Gadsby exhibition “It’s Pablo-matic” riles critics

Hannah Gadsby made international waves with their unique Netflix stand-up/storytelling hybrid Nanette back in 2018, digging into their history as a comedian, their studies of art history, and the rampant […]

Ashish: Fall in Love and Be More Tender exhibition – a glittering testament to a fashion genius

Naomi Braithwaite, Nottingham Trent University The first retrospective exhibition of the fashion designer Ashish Gupta has opened at London’s William Morris Gallery. As an expert in fashion marketing (and a […]

Warhol x Basquiat re-explores the legendary collaboration

Some historical artistic events don’t truly gain the appreciation or traction their scope deserves without hindsight. One such event is the legendary collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, an […]

Guud san glans Robert Davidson at Vancouver Art Gallery

The aesthetic sensibilities of the Haida are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable, a wealth of modern artists bringing the bold styles of their people to modern audiences. […]

Hard-Edge traces the line back for geometric abstraction

It’s easy to take starkly geometric styles for granted. They’re something that we spend our foundational years learning the names of, counting the sides of, and using them as reference […]

A major new exhibition in Nairobi reveals the history of East African art traditions

Untitled by Ugandan artist Peter Mulindwa. James Muriuki courtesy Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute Anne Mwiti, Kenyatta University Mwili, Akili na Roho (Body, Mind and Spirit) – on in Nairobi, Kenya […]

Stan Douglas dissects lens and memory in “Revealing Narratives”

The intersection of photography and computer-generated images was perhaps one of the quickest encounters of the modern form as well as one of the most troubling. Photography, in a reductive […]