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‘A Tale of Two Women Painters’: an exhibition highlighting women artists long forgotten

On the whole, art history has favoured white, male, European men. Studies in recent years prove time and time again this harsh reality that has been well-known by minority artists and art historians. However, an exhibition at the Prado Museum in Madrid that recently opened is working to correct a portion of history to highlight […]

Nam June Paik at Tate Modern: How the ‘Father of Video Art’ came to be

Nam June Paik’s ‘TV garden’ can seem like a dystopian nightmare. A dark room filled with TV’s nestled within a sea of living house plants, all seemingly glaring at you. The digital and natural worlds collide, and upon a closer look, they are brought together in a very purposeful way. Nam June Paik is an […]

Despite attempt to block loan of ‘Vitruvian Man,’ drawing heads to the Louvre

Just a week before the start of the Louvre’s much-anticipated blockbuster exhibition of works by Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian court threw out an appeal put forth two weeks ago that sought to keep the Vitruvian Man in Venice. With the court’s October 16th ruling, the drawing will make its way from Venice to Paris […]

December exhibition to feature works by Congo, the artist chimpanzee

This winter, a rather unorthodox artist will have an exhibition at one of London’s highly regarded galleries. Having passed away nearly 50 years ago, the artist puts an interesting spin on the phrase ‘a five-year-old could do that.’ The works that will hit the floor at Mayor Galleries in December aren’t by a child, though, […]

Urs Fischer makes candle portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio for Gagosian show

For a few years now, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a vocal environmental activist, working to raise awareness about the catastrophic effects of global warming. More specifically, and as seen in his 2016 documentary Before the Flood, DiCaprio focused on showing the dramatic speed at which polar glaciers are melting. DiCaprio now finds himself melting, or […]

Paris exhibition casts El Greco under new light

The first major exhibition in France for the renowned Greek artist, Doménikos Theotokópoulos (1541-1614), better known as El Greco, opened yesterday at the Grand Palais. A total of seventy-six works are on display, ranging from his early Greek iconography to his late career portraits made when he was Toledo, Spain. El Greco, while mostly known […]

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives

When one thinks about historical Egyptian culture, it is hard not to think beyond the scope of what popular media and our education have focussed on: the great pyramids, the curious pantheon, the rules of pharaohs, the traditions with death, and, of course, mummies. And while “Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives” at the Montreal Museum […]