Littleton, New Hampshire: home of demonic rainbow portals

Littleton—a small town (who would’ve guessed?) in New Hampshire. Its intrinsically quaint name gives a sense of picturesque Americana and storybook suburbia. And in giving it a passing glance, it’s […]

Vandal Roberto Palacio defaces Basquiat’s former home

Few can deny the headline-grabbing capability of besmirching the surface of beloved artworks—just look at the tactics of Just Stop Oil and its adjacent groups. Even despite the fact that […]

Moai of Easter Island damaged in potential arson incident

Unfortunately, there is no safeguarding the artistic icons of our planet from accidents or human malice, no matter the stature. A fire occurring on October 3rd has resulted in what […]

Bell Hooks passes, leaving legacy of activism and progress

December 15th saw the death of the legendary author, activist, and professor bell hooks. An impassioned proponent of intersectional feminism and fearless critic of racist and classist societal frameworks, hooks […]

Modeste Testas statue defaced in Bordeaux

Statues have always been a high-profile target for vandalism. Whether socio-political or merely irreverent, messages of all sorts are strewn across these artistic monoliths, and we have seen no shortage […]