Art Critique


The Louvre looking to move the ‘Mona Lisa’

Mona Lisa—the name alone evokes a well-instilled sense of inspiring beauty, subtle mystery, and an ageless captivation. It’s such a cultural staple that many of us can’t imagine making the […]

Monet’s “Bord de Mer” requisitioned due to Nazi trafficking

The past few years have been no stranger to the displacement of people and art, works often finding their way into the hands of authorities either through means of protection […]

The humanity of an actor in “In Her Time (Iris’ Version)”

The film industry is a multi-faceted machine of artifice. Not only in its material, but there is a particularly inhuman quality to the making of large-scale works, creating a bubbled […]

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 wraps on a year of growth

Many international festivals have been seeing a slow return to their former glory this past year after reduced operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic—although there are still reports of new […]

“The Mousetrap” celebrates 50 years at St Martin’s Theatre

When most people think of theatre productions with legendary longevity, their mind goes to Broadway. After all, the North American mecca of musicals and beyond has been home to the […]

“Creepy Portraits” lands Quebec teacher in lawsuit

In the modern art paradigm, consent and plagiarism are more hotly debated topics than ever. From the purposefully slippery cesspool that is AI art generation to reopened debates on the […]

Art Gallery of Ontario’s workers strike for fair wages

We go to galleries to surround ourselves with the delights of the exhibited artists, meandering through peaceful halls to engage in quiet contemplation of works past and present. But it’s […]