Brandon Lorimer

Seizure and return of Egyptian Antiquities amidst Louvre scandal

The entire art world has been abuzz ever since former Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez has been charged with fraud and money laundering in relation to an international artifact smuggling ring. This indictment has major implications for the institutional mecca of the arts as well as rippling effects on the art world at large. With the […]

Welsh councillor William Gannon implores he is NOT Banksy

Banksy needs little introduction—the anonymous graffiti artist has been wowing the world with his cutting socio-political statements and iconic representations of struggle against authority for three decades now. He has become as much a pop culture pillar as those he would twist and examine within his work. But William Gannon may require some introduction—a Welsh […]

General Idea retrospective opening at National Gallery of Canada

One of the most influential groups of Canadian artists, General Idea typified the irreverent wit that swirled within the art and culture of the country throughout the late 20th-century. Decidedly anti-establishment and brimming with both social critique and playfulness, the collective trio were an icon for queer culture that wielded the veneer of consumerist culture. […]

Bob Dylan’s ‘Rail Car’ rolls into Provence

Often hailed as one of America’s greatest songwriters of all time, folk music legend Bob Dylan has always shown himself to be a master of simplicity, social consciousness, and storytelling. With his unique counterculture voice, his music has been a motivator for numerous protests and progressive movements over the decades. But Dylan has long since […]

Neptune Theatre’s ‘Rocky Horror’ finds the heart of Transylvania

There is something magic in every production of The Rocky Horror Show. Richard O’Brien’s legendary exploration of queer identity through the lens of intergalactic hedonistic party animals is an ode to B-movies, rock and roll, and LGBTQ2s+ culture. It was unprecedented for its era and has stood the test of time half a century later. […]

Beeple celebrates ‘Everydays’ 15th anniversary on The Tonight Show

With each passing year, the cultural boundaries that used to separate different camps of interests become thinner and thinner. Through the all-encompassing nature of social media, everything is under the same roof, and its inevitable that once divergent topics end up sharing space together. This can be seen in an equally curious and comedic light […]

“The Milk of Dreams” fuels the 2022 Venice Biennale

How does one concisely evoke the essence of the 2022 Venice Biennale? One can’t, but one can certainly try. The Biennale, containing over 120 years of history as one of the world’s foremost arts exhibitions, hosts some of the globe’s most talented creators and their creations across visual arts, architecture, film, dance, music, and theatre. […]