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The Search for Lost Transcendence: Cosmic mysticism in Jordan Belson’s films and painting

Jordan Belson work, as installed at the Matthew Mark Gallery Having lost transcendence in the West, we have turned to the East, yearning to overcome the ails of staunch capitalism and individualism. It is possible to pinpoint three peak moments in the last several centuries-1890s, 1960s, and today-which have been marked by the infusion of […]

The Revival Of Psyche’s Beauty: Wiseman’s Interior, Richter’s Transcendence, and The Hyperreal Hudson Yards

April, 27, New York City: Chelsea and the new construction in the Hudson Yards, a strange renaissance of contemporary culture and art is flourishing. This past April, Kasmin, presented by David Wiseman , which emphasizes the beautification of the interior. Just up the block, The Shed , a new $ 475 million center for the arts, hosts […]

The Black Model at the Crux of Western Culture: Sweeping Exhibition at Museé d’Orsay

Manet, “Olympia” as installed at the Musée d’Orsay The “Black Models” show at the Orsay Museum in Paris reveals the Western neglect of the female archetypal, which accounts for racial and gender subjugation and ultimately disregards for the planet itself. Through this view of the show, we poignantly discover a cultural progression, but also a […]

Juicy Color Hits In Marc Horowitz’s High-Flying Act

Installation of Marc Horowitz paintings at the Johannes Vogt Gallery. Image courtesy of the gallery. Sophisticated Play Marc Horowitz, “Nothing on the Other Side of the Slash,” March 30. Vogt Gallery, 958 Madison Ave, Manhattan With the release of a child, Horowitz not only blitzes and blisses out the eye, but evokes the subversive implications […]

Two weeks before it opens The Armory Show is forced to move piers

Just over two weeks before the Armory Show’s 25th edition is meant to start, MMPI, the supervising organization of the fair got news that now art fair wants to get. According to Nicole Berry, director of the fair, on February 20th, New York City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) informed them that ‘significant portions of Pier […]

The Armory Show’s ‘Worlds of Tomorrow’ artists announced

Just a month before The Armory Show is set to green light on March 7th, it announced the galleries and artists that will represent its 2019 Platform segment of the fair. Platform is a specially curated part of The Armory Show that features large-scale artworks and installations spanning Piers 92 and 94. This year, the […]

New York’s Ramiken wins inaugural Gramercy International Prize

Ahead of the 2019 edition of The Armory Show, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, set for March 7th through March 10th, the show announced on January 31st that it had created a new prize called the Gramercy International Prize. Named for the original title and location of The Armory Show, the new annual prize […]