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Deconstructed devices become art through the lens of one man’s camera

There’s a perverse pleasure that comes from taking something apart or seeing exactly how things tick. However, most people are brave enough to disassemble their favourite devices or day-to-day items that, unless you’re an engineer, might not go back together. This, though, is exactly what Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan has become known for.     […]

Kara Walker next to transform the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

In a press release on March 11th, Tate Modern alongside Hyundai Motor announced that New York-based American artist Kara Walker will create the fifth annual Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall. The site-specific annual commission will be unveiled on October 2nd and run through April 5th of 2020. Walker’s works have explored notions of race, […]

Basquiat show sells out before it even opens

A survey of about 70 artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat recently opened at the Brant Foundation’s newly-remodelled gallery space in New York’s East Village but if you didn’t snatch up a ticket early, the waiting list might be your only hope. The show, simply bearing Basquiat’s name, opened March 6th and will run until May 15th. […]

Ai Weiwei and 30 tons of buttons? The possibilities are endless…

Have you ever wondered how many buttons are in a ton? Fair, me either. However, it’s somewhere around 9 million. As of a few days ago, it seems artist Ai Weiwei may be interested in not just one but thirty tons. That means, he might be adding buttons to the ranks of Legos and ceramic sunflower seeds, […]

Artist interview: Clemence Vazard and #monpremierharcelement

Clemence Vazard is a French artist who, in 2016, began working with women to record the story of their first experience of harassment. She brought the stories together to create an immersive, visual and sound installation called #monpremierharcelement (#myfirstharassment). Then #metoo happened. Clemence has exhibited internationally and is recognized not only for her art but also […]

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and artist Kate Neckel team up to face their fears in new exhibition

When Mike McCready, guitarist of the popular band Pearl Jam, comes up in conversation you might think artist, but usually it’s not in a visual artist context. That, however, may soon change as he and New York- and Seattle-based artist Kate Neckel have united to form a unique art duo called Infinite Color & Sound. […]

A whimsical photography series helping out our four-legged friends

Ahem – Fido is ready for his close up! Man’s best friend has long been a staple in paintings often symbolizing loyalty, wealth, or style. They crop up in some of the earliest artworks and have continued to be a beloved subject through today. Now, a new series by New York-based photographer Winnie Au highlights […]