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The Decade, Priciest Art: the most expensive art of the 2010s by year

Let’s face it… the art market of 2009 probably didn’t quite anticipate the years that were to come. The last decade has been an intense time with artworks selling for incredible amounts, even nearly half of a billion dollars. After covering 2019’s major events at the auction block, Art Critique takes a look at the biggest […]

Pérez Art Museum Miami receives 16 Christo artworks

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) has received 16 major works valued at $3 million by artist Christo, gifted to the museum by museum trustees Maria Bechily and Scott Hodes. The donation makes PAMM the fourth largest holding of Christo’s work in the United States. “These fine works provide a vivid glimpse into Christo and […]

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang signs Donald Glover as campaign creative consultant

Amidst the whirlwind of US politics, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has announced that Donald Glover, the actor and rapper who also goes by Childish Gambino, is now the creative consultant of his Yang 2020 campaign. Yang announced their partnership on December 19th making Glover the newest artist to team up with a political campaign. […]

X-Mas With the Surrealist Sculptor Daniel Giordano: The Immersive Trend Challenges Emerging Artists

HUDSON VALLEY — The misty blue light, which faded away on the drive to Cold Springs NY, made me feel as if a UFO sighting might be imminent. At the very least, it seemed as if I could run across an old truck driver talking about conspiracies at any moment. Instead, I found my way […]

Siminovitch Prize in Theatre winners for 2019- Maiko Yamamoto and James Long

At the end of last month, the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre- one of the most lucrative awards presented to theatre creators in Canada- announced this year’s recipient. The Siminovitch Prize winner for 2019 strays from a major norm of previous recipients, particularly as this year the prize has been granted to a pair of practitioners. […]

Robert Indiana’s estate may be worth upwards of $100 million

Since Robert Indiana passed away in May of last year, his estate has been embroiled in several legal battles over its ownership. Now, it’s estimated to be worth around $100 million, further complicating an already complicated battle. The artist, who is best known for his iconic “LOVE” works and the similar “HOPE” imagery he made […]

Byron Kim receives 2019 Robert de Niro Sr. Prize of $25,000

Amongst art awards that recognize artists working in various mediums there is the Robert de Niro Sr. Prize, which, unlike some, focuses on painters. Setting it apart from other awards geared towards American painters, though, is that it highlights an artist in the middle of their career. This year, New York-based artist Byron Kim has […]