Odysseus makes landing with Jeff Koons’ “Moon Phases”

Humanity’s relationship with putting our mark on the universe at large grows more prominent with each step forward our technologies take. From claiming stars as gifts to launching a gaudy […]

Amazon cuts ties to The Cheech Centre over critical art

In a regular reminder that mega-corporations and arts funding are not an ideal mixture, Amazon has cut ties and scrapped their ongoing funding of The Cheech Marin Centre for Chicano […]

Has Banksy’s name really been revealed as “Robert Banks”?

The identity of the infamously elusive Banksy, ever a hot topic in the art world, has been buzzing for the last while thanks to ongoing legal battles for the artist. […]

“Creation with her Children” to be de-installed in protest

Protesting through the channels of high-profile arts institutions is a tricky feat. Whether it be via an act of visible disobedience a la Just Stop Oil or a work itself […]

Nia Centre for the Arts is Toronto’s first Black art centre

In the ongoing struggle to establish artistic spaces in North America, every accomplished endeavour feels like a tremendous victory. With the newly established location for the Nia Centre for the […]

Banksy’s true identity bet on throughout libel suit

Few things grip the minds of the public as much as a mystery. It’s no wonder that true crime remains as popular as ever in the vast, interconnected age of […]

Cardiff Miller Art Warehouse housing a unique legacy in B.C.

Locales are always something of great necessity and value in the arts community. No matter the medium, there is a constant struggle to find space to display one’s work. Sometimes […]