Facebook meets with artists to discuss issues of censorship

In the early hours of a June Sunday, about 100 or so nude people took to the space outside Facebook’s Manhattan headquarters. There, they posed for photographer Spencer Tunick while holding large cut-outs of the male nipple to cover themselves. The demonstration was a protest against the censorship that Facebook, and perhaps more critically Instagram, […]

Beirut’s art scene on pause in solidarity with the millions protesting

Museums, institutions, and galleries have closed until further notice in Beirut, Lebanon as the largest public demonstrations seen in decades take over the country. At least two million people have been reported to be part of the multi-city protests, demanding political reforms. This has caused the temporary closure of some of the city’s biggest art […]

You’ve heard of the Monuments Men, but now, US military are looking to safeguard artworks with new initiative

Between 1943 and 1951, a special group of militaries called the Monuments Men reclaimed four million of the estimated five million paintings, artworks, books, manuscripts, and various other valuable that were stolen by the Nazis. Their work inspired a 2014 George Clooney movie by the same name, which told a slightly romanticized version of the […]

Violaine Lochu, Meat me

No single work of art has touched me as deeply as Violaine Lochus‘s Meat me in the last two years. Performing alone, her body half naked, her soul incarnated by Bacon, she offered the public an essential, unique, and most performative experience. Sharing Bacon. Violaine Lochu is recognized as a voice performer – but who […]

Museums present visual art as beautiful things you can touch

Patricia Bérubé, Carleton University A shift is taking place in museums and the way art history is presented globally. More museums now value visitor experience and at the same time, there is a growing emphasis on accessibility in Canadian public institutions. Some museums are offering adapted guided tours, which include tactile elements in addition to […]

Towards postmodernism: the emergence of artists from Coenties Slip

From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, the Coenties Slip district, located near the docks at the southern tip of Manhattan, was home to a group of artists, who, each in their own way, helped shift American Art History from abstract expressionism to postmodernism. Included among these artists were Ellsworth Kelly, Jack Youngerman, Robert […]

Statue by Vinnie Bagwell to replace controversial monument in Central Park

Earlier this year in April, New York City made the choice to remove a statue honouring J. Marion Sims, the 19th century doctor sometimes called the ‘father of modern gynaecology.’ Sims made his mark on the medical world at the cost of enslaved black women who were experimented on, sometimes in death, without consent. The […]