New Orleans Museum of Art appoints white curator for African art

While there has been an onus now more than ever on having representative staffing and positions of power within museum and gallery frameworks, institutions do still fall into old pitfalls […]

Vuslat Dogan Sabancı: Art as an antidote in times of profound disconnection

Between the ongoing humanitarian crisis from the February earthquakes and the divisive political climate amidst the presidential and parliamentary elections, the voices and needs of the Turkish people must be […]

Harry Belafonte passes away at 96

This past week has seen the loss of one of the world’s most iconic voices in music and a paragon for societal progress, Harry Belafonte. Passing at his home in […]

Prison food: what we learned from organising art workshops for women prisoners

Prison food: what we learned from organising food-themed art workshops for women prisoners Maria Adams, University of Surrey; Erin Power, Liverpool John Moores University, and Jon Garland, University of Surrey There […]

MSCHF’S Big Red Boots leave a big cultural footprint

While the wisest expectation to have for Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF is to expect the unexpected, each new iteration of the group’s trickster-like sensibilities comes as a true surprise. This […]

Culture worker strike forces closure of the British Museum

In response to poor working conditions and low wages, the United Kingdom is seeing a workers’ strike across its cultural sector. Having started at the top of the month, one […]

Sacha Jafri’s “We Rise Together” prepares for a moon landing

Humanity’s captivation with space will likely never truly be satisfied—it’s something that has driven much of our wonder and endeavours for centuries and millennia, and only for a fraction of […]