California African American Museum names Cameron Shaw as deputy director and chief curator

The California African American Museum (CAAM) recently announced that Cameron Shaw would become the museum’s deputy director and chief curator. As of September 12th, Shaw, who is a writer, curator, and editor, took on her new role at the CAAM after having been the director of the Pelican Bomb, a non-profit contemporary art organization in […]

Matthias Garcia’s strange art

Matthias Garcia’s art might be considered indecent, but then it would be like Bellmer’s or Balthus’ (to whom he pays tribute in a painting entitled Atlas complex). While Garcia’s work may seem naïve, it is a naivety reminiscent of Henry Darger or Nils von Dardel. One might even go so far as to label the […]

Polymorphous Paganism in Underground NYC Art Shows

Pagan revivalism is evident in underground NYC art shows this September.

David Hockney says he is moving to France, where he can smoke freely and work ‘twice as much’

Despite being from Bradford, a city in the northern English county of West Yorkshire, David Hockney has called Los Angeles home since he moved there in 1964. Arguably its most famous artist, Hockney has revealed plans to leave the city where he painted some of his greatest works, and relocate to France. Speaking to The […]

‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ sets V&A attendance record

In February, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London kicked off their exhibition ‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams.’ They knew going in that the exhibition would be a popular one but they did not suspect just how popular. The exhibition wrapped up last week on September 1st and two days later, the museum announced […]

Germany returns two paintings to heirs of Jewish art collector and businessman

In the latest in restitution news, Germany has returned another two paintings taken during World War II. This time, the works have gone back to the heirs of a well-known Jewish art collector and the former owner of the paintings. The pair of medieval panel paintings were once part of Harry Fuld Senior’s extensive collection […]

It’s New York Fashion Week, so we’re looking atwhere fashion and art collide

As New York Fashion Week kicks off, it seems fitting to look at some of the ways in which the art world and fashion world have collided in recent months. Naturally, they’re never far apart as the design of clothing falls alongside the process of making ‘traditional art’, but we aren’t here to debate the […]