2018 Museum Trends: Fashion and Social Interaction

Whether through social media engagement, immersive exhibitions, or fashion-forward thinking, art museums are creating novel opportunities to interact with artwork and with that increasing visitorship like never before. The Art […]

Thoughtful practices in support of criticism

Criticism, according to Carole Talon Hugon, is a judgement rendered by an authorized individual on contemporary works of art. Setting aside the debatable meaning of “authorized”, it is nevertheless legitimate, […]

Against the hegemony of American art

In his brief essay L’Europe fantôme (2019), Régis Debray noted the following: “the great industrialist from across the Atlantic now reigns over four-fifths of Europe’s movie screens, two-thirds of all […]

Why I Love Tracey Emin

I kept a photo of Tracey Emin’s installation Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With 1963-1995 in my high school diary, even though at that time I had not yet had sex […]

Kelly and Vasarely, from tenderness to visual fatigue

In early March, two exhibitions with significantly different objectives premiered within the same institution, the Centre Pompidou: “Ellsworth Kelly, Windows” and “Vasarely, Sharing Forms”. The first exhibition, designed by Jean-Pierre Criqui, […]

Judy Chicago and her “Purple Poem for Miami”

Clouds of violet, magenta, and indigo erupted from the Miami Design District and drifted across the city’s skyline. On February 23, 2019, Judy Chicago successfully softened the urbanscape through her […]

5 art podcasts to add to your subscribe list

Everyone, close your eyes and raise your hand if you’re one of the millions of people who love listening to podcasts. Oh, perfect! I’m not the only one out there […]