Orianne Castel

Orianne Castel est doctorante en philosophie à l’Université Paris 8 Vincennes et à l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Également artiste, elle est représentée par la galerie Massimo De Luca à Venise et la galerie Analix Forever à Genève. Elle est co-rédactrice en chef d’Art Critique.

The Discrete Channel with Noise

As part of the PHoto Espana festival, the Madrid Cultural Centre is hosting an exhibition featuring British artist Clare Strand until July 1. Known for her black and white photographs of people taking on unrealistic poses (Conjurations, 2007-2009) or posing in front of strange backgrounds (Gone Astray Portraits, 2002-2003), the artist presents a collection of […]

Contemporary art’s moral turning point

The most recent book by Carole Talon-Hugon has just been published by éditions PUF. Entitled L’art sous contrôle (Art Under Control), the book provides an overview of contemporary art where the content and political and social agenda is increasingly apparent whether through the works themselves, the discourse they produce or the establishments that display them. […]

An interview with publisher and printer Michael Woolworth

Photographs by Guillaume de Sardes Michael Woolworth is a printer and publisher. In his workshop located at 2 rue de la Roquette in Paris’ 11th arrondissement he makes prints exclusively on manual presses (lithography, engraved wood, monotype, linocut, etchings, etc.). As an expert in these techniques, he has influenced modern creators in designing and duplicating […]

Carl Andre’s horizontal sculptures

“For me, a sculpture is like a road … My pieces require the viewer to walk along them, around them or over them.” Carl André, born in 1935 in Massachusetts, is an American minimalist painter and sculptor. When he turned 16 years old, he studied painting at the Phillips Academy in Andover, a school located […]

Sol LeWitt in the spotlight

In conjunction with the Sol LeWitt exhibition being held from June 16, 2018 to May 2019 at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, Actes sud publications is planning to release a catalogue dedicated to this artist who was a forerunner to conceptual American art. The book, co-edited with gallery owner Yvon Lambert, is the first of […]

Expressionist or minimalist? Ad Reinhardt’s painting

In 1963, John Crosby drew a three-panelled comic strip for the New York Herald Tribune. The first panel, split horizontally with the top half in grey and bottom half in white, is accompanied by a caption that reads “Marc Rothko has lowered the blinds”. The second panel below, entirely white but also divided in two […]

Barnett Newman’s painting without compromise

Barnett Newman was born in Manhattan in January 1905, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants who gave him a religious education. After completing high school, he enrolled in the University of New York to study philosophy. Throughout his studies, he often visited galleries and museums and soon began painting impressionist pieces. At the age of 25, […]