Orianne Castel

Orianne Castel est artiste plasticienne (représentée par la galerie Marina Bastianello à Venise) et docteur en philosophie (elle enseigne l'esthétique à l’Université Paris 8). Elle est rédactrice en chef d’Art Critique.

The esthetics of re-creation

A month ago, Rennes University Press published the latest edition of the Modern Arts collection. Editors Dominique Chateau and José Moure (both professors at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) have included contributions from numerous specialists in the field of creation which explore the concept of re-creation in the arts. By using Paul Valery’s quote […]

Righting the wrongs: artists and the suburbs

In second-hand shops one is still likely to find postcards that depict the advent of large housing developments. These postcards, which display bright colours even though the buildings they display are made of concrete and steel, seem indicative of the feeling of optimism that had accompanied post-war reconstruction. Yet not all the inhabitants of these […]

Modern grids: sensual and poetic

From July 4 to August 31, the Maubert Gallery is hosting a group exhibition of artists which all revolve around an iconic design of modernity: the grid. By bringing together pieces from three artists of various styles, Grilled! demonstrates the use of this form today and shows that it is driven by an ambition very […]

Dan Flavin’s light

“Light cannot be considered an objective phenomenon, but that is precisely how I see it”. Dan Flavin, born in New York in 1933, was a minimalist artist known for creating neon structures that interacted with surrounding space. After studying for the priesthood in Brooklyn between 1947 and 1952, he joined the United States Air Force […]

The Discrete Channel with Noise

As part of the PHoto Espana festival, the Madrid Cultural Centre is hosting an exhibition featuring British artist Clare Strand until July 1. Known for her black and white photographs of people taking on unrealistic poses (Conjurations, 2007-2009) or posing in front of strange backgrounds (Gone Astray Portraits, 2002-2003), the artist presents a collection of […]

Contemporary art’s moral turning point

The most recent book by Carole Talon-Hugon has just been published by éditions PUF. Entitled L’art sous contrôle (Art Under Control), the book provides an overview of contemporary art where the content and political and social agenda is increasingly apparent whether through the works themselves, the discourse they produce or the establishments that display them. […]

An interview with publisher and printer Michael Woolworth

Photographs by Guillaume de Sardes Michael Woolworth is a printer and publisher. In his workshop located at 2 rue de la Roquette in Paris’ 11th arrondissement he makes prints exclusively on manual presses (lithography, engraved wood, monotype, linocut, etchings, etc.). As an expert in these techniques, he has influenced modern creators in designing and duplicating […]