Piet Mondrian focus of restitution lawsuit and new conservation research

Dutch modernist Piet Mondrian, known for his striking colour block paintings, has made headlines twice recently. Once for a repatriation lawsuit involving a German museum and a second time for […]

Researchers suggest da Vinci’s “lost masterpiece” was never actually painted

You can’t lose something that never existed. That’s what some researchers have to say about a work by Leonardo da Vinci known as the “lost masterpiece.” While a full-scale cartoon […]

Inaugural recipients of the Disability Futures Fellows announced by Ford and Mellon Foundations

The Ford Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation have announced the first recipients of a new, 18-month fellowship programme. The Disability Futures Fellows seeks to recognise and amplify the […]

Artist Frank Bowling, 86, knighted by Queen Elizabeth

Twice each year the Queen of England recognises people, from all kinds of sectors, for their achievements. Most recently, for the Queen’s birthday, a group of esteemed individuals received honours. […]

Courtauld Ph.D. finds that a young Edward Hopper copied other artists

Being self-made is among the highest honours in American culture; it’s one of the cornerstones of what Americans, at least historically, have strived for right alongside the “American Dream.” It’s […]

Go bananas: Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” gifted to the Guggenheim

Art isn’t always bowls of apples, pears, and grapes, sometimes, it’s a banana, and sometimes it’s a banana that’s made its way into the Guggenheim’s collection. Of course, we’re talking […]

The Nebra Sky Disk, a.k.a. the oldest picture of the stars, may be 1,000 years younger according to new research

Two decades ago, looters discovered a trove of artefacts thought to be from the Bronze Age. Among those items was a disk now known as the Nebra Sky Disc and […]