International Photography Awards announce 2020 winners

International Photography Awards announce 2020 winners
Chloe Meynier, "Made in the Shade." Fine Art Photographer Of the Year. Courtesy International Photography Awards™.
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The winners of the 2020 International Photography Awards have been announced and among the photos are some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring photos you’ll see this year.

Launched in 2003, the International Photography Awards annually highlight both professional and non-professional/student photographers. This year, more than 13,000 submissions were reviewed from 120 countries before the IPA jury selected winners across 13 categories, ranging from sports to fine art. The IPA also announced first, second, and third prize winners for each sub-category as well as honourable mentions.

The winners of the professional and non-professional categories are finalists for the IPA’s top prizes: Photographer of the Year (for the professional category) and Discovery of the Year (for the non-professional/student category). Both top prizes will be announced at the Lucie Awards (rescheduled for October 2021) and recipients will receive a $10,000 and $5,000 prize, respectively. The IPA has also pledged to match each of the top prizes with a charitable donation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of this year’s cohort, Hossein Farmani, founder and president of the IPA, said: “In these unprecedented times, this year’s entries reflect some of the biggest challenges facing our generation–not the least of which is dealing with a virus which, for the first time, is an event that has affected every person on earth in some way. We see photography at its best–whether covering the Covid pandemic, or the world’s uprising against injustice–the images captured are breathtaking. I can easily say these are the best images I have seen in the last decades.”


The 2020 Professional Category IPA Winners
  • Mike Dodd – A sustainable future of exquisite luxury mobility, Advertising
  • Paulius Makauskas – New Seas, Analog / Film
  • Jesús M.Chamizo – From the stage, Architecture
  • Sebastian Copeland – ANTARCTICA: The Waking GiantBook
  • Nicolo Filippo Rosso – Exodus, Deeper Perspective
  • Kiran Ridley – Pro Democracy Demonstrations, Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our TimeEditorial / Press
  • Katja Ogrin – Elements, Event
  • Julia Fullerton-Batten – Looking out from Within, 2020, Fine Art
  • Ari Rex – Black Mountain, Nature 
  • Brian Hodges – Odilo Lawiny – Handmade soccer balls, People
  • Sawyer Russel – The Silent Menace, Special
  • Howard Schatz – Bodies of the NFL, Sports
  • Iwona Podlasinska – The journey to the land of dreams, Still in Motion / Video 
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2020 Non-Professional/Student Category IPA Winners
  • Rebeka Legovic – Temple of Colors, Advertising
  • Elena Litvinova – Vova’s summer evening, Analog / Film
  • Peter Li – Vanishing Lines, Architecture
  • Teodelina Detry – Uninhabited places, Book
  • F. Dilek Uyar– In Epicenter of Covid 19, Deeper Perspective
  • Tim Evans – Say Their Names, Editorial / Press
  • wei fu – Muslim Congregation in DhakaEvent
  • Chloe Meynier – Made in the Shade, Fine Art
  • babak mehrafshar – magnificence of desert, Nature
  • Hossein Fardinfard – Blackout, People
  • Aaron Chuo – The Incoming Thunderstorm, Special
  • Augusto Bartelle – The Maldives: Skydiver Photographer Perspective, Sports
  • Simone Francescangeli – Psi-Covid-19, Still in Motion / Video 
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