From Cardi B to David Hockney, 100+ creatives contribute to “Show Me the Signs” auction benefiting the #SayHerName campaign

From Cardi B to David Hockney, 100+ creatives contribute to “Show Me the Signs” auction benefiting the #SayHerName campaign
"Breonna Taylor" by Kathia St Hilaire to be auctioned in "Show Me the Signs." Photo courtesy of the African American Policy Forum.
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Artworks in the style of protests signs by more than 100 creatives will soon hit the auction block to raise money for the families of Black women who have been killed at the hands of police in the US. Titled “Show Me the Signs,” the auction will include works by well-known artists, like Marilyn Minter, Rashid Johnson, Nancy Rubins, David Hockney and George Condo, alongside celebrities like Cardi B, Billie Eilish, and Jim Carrey.

The auction will be held by Artfizz, a new online community-driven contemporary art marketplace, in two instalments prior to the official launch of the platform. Artworks included in “Show Me the Signs” will be previewed through November 9th before the first round of auctions begin on November 10th. Starting bids for artworks range from just $1 up to $20,000 and 100 percent of the profits will go directly to the African American Policy Forum’s Mothers Network in conjunction with the #SayHerName campaign. Launched in 2014, the #SayHerName campaign was created by the AAPF to work with the families and mothers of the Black girls, women, and femmes killed by police.

“Black women and girls do not fit the most accessible frames of anti-Black police violence, and because of that, it’s difficult to tell their stories in a way that people recognize and remember,” said Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, executive director and co-founder of AAPF and founder of #SayHerName in a statement. “By working with the families of slain Black women, AAPF’s #SayHerName campaign resists Black women’s invisibility by telling their stories.”

The works included in the auction are in a variety of styles all working to “reinforce solidarity and empower love.” An American flag painting by Lenny Kravitz, Eilish’s handwritten “Stop Killing Black People” protest sign, and Cardi B’s handmade sign bearing the names of Black victims of police violence will be auctioned with starting bids of $100. Meanwhile, Kenny Scharf’s Truck Fump! will start at $5,250, Untitled by Johnson will start out at $20,000, and Clintel Steed’s Say Our Name will start at $4,000.

“During this time of civil unrest due to the unjust killing of Breonna Taylor,” said participating artist Kathia St. Hilaire, “I hope to see more people understand the Black diaspora and ask themselves how we can change for a better world.”

“Show Me the Signs” will hold the first portion of auctions between November 10th and 19th before launching the second installment of auctions between November 21st and 30th. The artworks are currently on view at Blum & Poe in Los Angeles and can be seen online through Artfizz. A full list of participating artists and creatives as well as the benefit committee can be found here.