Theatre on the waves- The Amara Zee sets sail again

With the majority of theatre companies still adjusting to the current norm, the biggest question facing them remains more or less the same as before: how do we get theatre […]

KAWS’ COMPANION takes an out of this world trip, literally

Looking rather bashful with Earth as his backdrop, COMPANION took a day trip to space. Created by American artist KAWS, who once again teamed up with AllRightsReserved, the metallic sculpture […]

Thomas J Price unveils statue in London representing the Black “everywoman”

Who do we celebrate? Who do we memorialise? These questions loom large as cities around the world are forced to deal with the implications of their public monuments and memorials […]

Members of the art community band together to aid Beirut after explosions devastated the city

The full extent of the devastation in Beirut is still unknown after two explosions ripped through the city on August 4th. In the week since the blasts, artists have begun […]

MIT develops AI that identifies similarities between unrelated artworks, spanning centuries, artists, and mediums

Art imitating art? That isn’t quite the case here, but a new algorithm developed by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in conjunction with Microsoft searchers for […]

A sample taken from Stonehenge 60 years ago helped researchers figure out sarsen stone origins

Thanks to a core sample from a 1950s repair to Stonehenge’s “Stone 58,” researchers have been able to locate the exact place where the massive sarsen stones came from. A […]

New paintings by Kerry James Marshall reference the ornithological works of John James Audubon

A crow on the ground a decade ago served as inspiration for two new works by artist Kerry James Marshall that have recently gone on view through the David Zwirner […]