New study shows correlation between experiencing art and living longer

Death is a recurring theme in art from some of the oldest works to present day. Walking through most museums, you won’t have to stray far before seeing a symbol, like a skull or a clock, representing the inevitability of death and the fragility of life. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal […]

Public helps National Gallery secure painting by Orazio Gentileschi

Just over a year ago, the National Gallery (NG) in London presented a then recently acquired self-portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi. Its debut was dubbed an ‘early Christmas present to the nation.’ This year, the NG has announced another early Christmas present. Yesterday, the museum announced that The Finding of Moses, a 1630s painting by Gentileschi’s […]

LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art to recognize union

Late last week, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles announced that it had agreed to recognize a unionized work force under The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 36. The December 6th announcement was a voluntary agreement reached after more than 100 museum employees motioned to unionize […]

X-Mas With the Surrealist Sculptor Daniel Giordano: The Immersive Trend Challenges Emerging Artists

HUDSON VALLEY — The misty blue light, which faded away on the drive to Cold Springs NY, made me feel as if a UFO sighting might be imminent. At the very least, it seemed as if I could run across an old truck driver talking about conspiracies at any moment. Instead, I found my way […]

Siminovitch Prize in Theatre winners for 2019- Maiko Yamamoto and James Long

At the end of last month, the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre- one of the most lucrative awards presented to theatre creators in Canada- announced this year’s recipient. The Siminovitch Prize winner for 2019 strays from a major norm of previous recipients, particularly as this year the prize has been granted to a pair of practitioners. […]

Venice to host ‘Oceans in Transformation’: an exhibition on the mystery and troubles around our oceans

‘Not knowing the ocean is part of being human,’ stated curator Daniela Zyman. The breadth, mystery, and changes of and within Earth’s oceans are the topics of an upcoming exhibition of works curated by Zyman. Titled ‘Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation,’ the exhibition, presented by Territorial Agency and TBA21-Academy, will run from March 22, 2020 […]

Robert Indiana’s estate may be worth upwards of $100 million

Since Robert Indiana passed away in May of last year, his estate has been embroiled in several legal battles over its ownership. Now, it’s estimated to be worth around $100 million, further complicating an already complicated battle. The artist, who is best known for his iconic “LOVE” works and the similar “HOPE” imagery he made […]