A poem for the world by Yayoi Kusama

Known for her polka-dotted pumpkins and glistening infinity rooms, Yayoi Kusama hasn’t slowed down despite being 91. However, the coronavirus pandemic put upcoming exhibitions of the Japanese artist’s works on hold, effectively forcing her to slow down, in some ways. Kusama’s story isn’t unique, many artists have faced similar issues with upcoming exhibitions, millions of […]

The prolific pace of Tim Mikula’s Endless Portrait Project

While the romantic ideal of using this time- where the majority of the population is on lockdown- as a window for pure, dedicated, artistic endeavours, the truth of the matter is that it is hard to find the energy for those things right now. In no way should any artistic individual be harsh on themselves […]

The design and history behind a few popular household items

Spending time at home, we’ve become more acquainted with the household items that surround us than every. We’ve decided to look at the history and design of a couple of household items to look at how they came to be. Chances are, you’ve got one or a couple of them in your own home, or […]

Rube Goldberg Inc. wants to see your take on hand washing

Washing your hands is simple, right? It’s a familiar task we do almost on autopilot: soap, water, 30 seconds, and you’re done. However, Jennifer George, the granddaughter of famed cartoonist Rube Goldberg, wants to make it more complicated, in the name of fun. George has put out a call to families to think up the […]

Artist Relief offers $10 million in grants to US artists during the time of COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19 is stressful, no matter how you cut it. A main worry for many is how to stay afloat, financially, during such an uncertain time, and for artists, the path forward might seem tumultuous. Historically, tough times have led to incredible creative spurts and the general public have looked to artists and their creations […]

How the iconic coronavirus illustration came to be

What’s red, orange, yellow, and grey all over? That’s right, the illustration for the novel coronavirus. It’s an image that has been used time and time again around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Newspapers, media sources, and TV broadcasts, alike, have relied on the image to help raise awareness for the virus and […]

The Getty called and the people answered: thousands recreate famous artworks from the comfort of home

The Getty put out a call to the people and boy have the people responded. On March 25th, the museum sent out a Tweet accompanied by an Instagram post challenging people everywhere to recreate some of their favourite artworks while they isolate at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s one of many ways that people […]