Postrauma – Coping in a post-capitalist society

How does a post-capitalist society cope with trauma?  An exhibition that opened last Friday is giving a pessimistic, almost drab answer to that question in Santiago. Jorge Brantmayer, Victor Castillo, Catalina Gonazalez, Angie Saiz, and Joaquin Segura collaborated to present Postrauma – an in-depth artistic study of the post-traumatic state in the post-capitalist fabric.   Angie Saiz, also acting as the curator for the exhibition, said of […]

‘The Condition of Being Here’: a retrospective of Jasper Johns drawings

The Menil Drawing Institute in Houston has recently opened an exhibition of drawings by American artist Jasper Johns celebrating both his dedication as a draftsman and a forthcoming catalogue of the artist’s career. ‘The Condition of Being Here: Drawings by Jasper Johns’ spans the artist’s 60-plus-year career with drawings from as early as 1954 to […]

Roberto Longhi: the eye and the verb

What a lucky group of Roman schoolboys there must have been at the start of the 20th century! They were the ones that the lectures currently compiled under the title Brief but true history of Italian painting were addressed.  We dream about the time where the young neighbours’ masterpieces were introduced to an understanding of […]

Charbon : the night that burns

Charbon, which translates into English as coal is, above all, a beautiful thing, a beautiful black thing that shines and burns like the material that bears its name. Charbon is also the name of a book and now a movie. Harmony Coryn, with his group “Black new black” conceived the project in collaboration with the […]

Christine Ay Tjoe’s debut solo show at White Cube

Indonesian artist Christine Ay Tjoe has recently opened an exhibition of new works at White Cube’s Bermondsey gallery. The exhibition, titled ‘Black, kcalB, Black, kcalB’, is her debut solo show since joining the gallery and explores notions of darkness through large-scale paintings and drawings. Concerning the new works and their inspiration, Ay Tjoe has said: […]

Material Fair releases exhibitor list for their ‘optimistic’ 2019 fair

While artists, critics, collectors, and art enthusiasts descend upon Miami, the exhibitors list has been released for 2019’s Material Fair. The sixth edition of the fair makes an early mark on the 2019 fair scene running from February 7th to the 10th. Touted as Latin America’s premier art fair, the four-day event runs alongside Zona […]

A new exhibit in Bogota celebrates Mexican and Colombian art

In 2018, Mexico and Colombia made the collective decision to celebrate their cultural similarities and affinities for one another through art. Un Arte Propio: Convergencias entre Mexico y Colombia is an exhibit featuring 45 Colombian works of art and 45 Mexican ones. Mexico and Colombia share rich cultural links and historical ties that have encouraged the development of unique but similar […]