Art Critique

Prison food: what we learned from organising art workshops for women prisoners

Prison food: what we learned from organising food-themed art workshops for women prisoners Maria Adams, University of Surrey; Erin Power, Liverpool John Moores University, and Jon Garland, University of Surrey There […]

In a Roman villa at the center of a nasty inheritance dispute, a Caravaggio masterpiece is hidden from the public

Monika Schmitter, UMass Amherst I teach Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, so when I was visiting Rome in January 2023, how could I not try to see a notorious villa […]

Becoming Frida Kahlo: new BBC documentary paints a compelling portrait of the Mexican artist

Deborah Shaw, University of Portsmouth Nearly 70 years after her death the brilliant Mexican artist Frida Kahlo continues to fascinate for her unique artistic language that interprets her physical and […]

A major new exhibition in Nairobi reveals the history of East African art traditions

Untitled by Ugandan artist Peter Mulindwa. James Muriuki courtesy Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute Anne Mwiti, Kenyatta University Mwili, Akili na Roho (Body, Mind and Spirit) – on in Nairobi, Kenya […]

Antiquities looting: an ongoing crisis as well as a shameful piece of history

Western museums are, rightfully, facing increasing pressure to return art and artefacts looted during colonial times. Artefact theft is not merely a disgraceful part of the past, however, but is […]

Sotheby’s buffeted by the public health crisis—and various legal challenges

Sotheby’s is making rapid inroads into the digital sphere and has continuously one-upped rival Christie’s throughout 2020. The famous auction house, however, is facing significant risks concerning a potential credit […]

From the basement to the gallery wall: masterworks plucked from obscurity

The small, postcard-sized painting known as Head of a Bearded Man, has once again regained pride of place in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum after years in storage. The Rembrandt Research Project […]