Ballad of the Motherland plunges humanity’s dark depth in wartime

Last week saw the close of Neptune Theatre’s most recent production, Annie Valentina’s new play Ballad of the Motherland. And while the window of opportunity may be closed for now […]

Guud san glans Robert Davidson at Vancouver Art Gallery

The aesthetic sensibilities of the Haida are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable, a wealth of modern artists bringing the bold styles of their people to modern audiences. […]

Hard-Edge traces the line back for geometric abstraction

It’s easy to take starkly geometric styles for granted. They’re something that we spend our foundational years learning the names of, counting the sides of, and using them as reference […]

Becoming Frida Kahlo: new BBC documentary paints a compelling portrait of the Mexican artist

Deborah Shaw, University of Portsmouth Nearly 70 years after her death the brilliant Mexican artist Frida Kahlo continues to fascinate for her unique artistic language that interprets her physical and […]

“Living” reminds us what it means to live

Adaptations have been the bread and butter of the cinematic world for some time now. Whether it be from hit game series to a hit TV series via Last of […]

“Is God Is” Black Out performance draws undue ire

The National Arts Centre, as the pinnacle performing arts centre of Canada, tends to create ripples with its decisions. The company sets many precedents, is an incubator for much of […]

A major new exhibition in Nairobi reveals the history of East African art traditions

Untitled by Ugandan artist Peter Mulindwa. James Muriuki courtesy Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute Anne Mwiti, Kenyatta University Mwili, Akili na Roho (Body, Mind and Spirit) – on in Nairobi, Kenya […]