Sculpture by Antony Gormley will soon be installed in Plymouth as part of £46m cultural centre debut

Later this month, The Box, a new £46 million museum and heritage centre will open in Plymouth that will bring together six Plymouth-based national collections. The Box’s inaugural exhibition, titled “Making It” has ruffled some feathers, though, for a commissioned sculpture by well-known artist Sir Antony Gormley that will be included in the show and […]

Berlin’s storied Berghain nightclub becomes art gallery for foreseeable future showcasing 100+ artists

Since March, Berlin has been comparatively quiet with their nightclubs having been shuttered due to COVID-19. However, one of the city’s best-known clubs, Berghain, will once again welcome visitors into its industrial interior for a different kind of party. Today, “Studio Berlin,” a unique art exhibition, debuts in the nightclub offering a snapshot of the […]

Don’t stop the music: a chord change goes to plan in 639-year-long performance of a John Cage organ composition

A key change in a musical ensemble isn’t always something to write home about, but that’s certainly not the case for a work by composer John Cage that’s meant to be played “as slow as possible.” For a group of organisers, that direction was taken to heart. Now, Cage’s Organ²/ASLSP is in year 19 of […]

How the ningyo, or mermaid, took Westerners by storm in the 1800s

The Little Mermaid more or less sums up today’s idea of what a mermaid might be. Half beautiful human, half shimmering fish, the myth of the mermaid is fascinating, even today, and while the aesthetic of the mermaid has changed throughout the years, the folklore of the mermaid has mesmerised for centuries. Walking through some […]

Four underwater museums to add to your bucket list

Last week, KAWS made headlines after sending COMPANION, his now iconic sculpture, in to space. It’s rare that an artwork finds itself that far off the Earth’s surface, but what about artworks that are popping up in another unusual place on Earth: underwater. These unique underwater museums are often either historic or environmentally conscious and […]

Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace to be on show to the public for the first time ever

Preparations for the next phase of a major, decade-long overhaul of essential services in Buckingham Palace has paved the way for a unique exhibition. Later this year, 65 paintings from the Royal Collection will be displayed at the Queen’s Gallery for a year-long run. This will be the first time the paintings, many of which […]

“A Movement of Women” takes a critical look at conservative women in the century since the 19th amendment was ratified

Next week, on the 100th anniversary of when the 19th amendment to the US constitution was certified, an exhibition of works by American artist Michelle Vaughan will open in New York. In the show, called “A Movement of Women,” Vaughan investigates the last century of feminist history in an unusual way. Instead of looking at […]