A Banksy for Valentine’s Day?

Banksy’s back at it for Valentine’s Day. A Banksy-esque mural popped up in the artist’s hometown of Bristol yesterday and before it was even confirmed to be authentic, it was getting the Banksy treatment. Then, just before midnight last night, the artist took to Instagram to confirm the work to be theirs. The Bristol house […]

Art critic apologizes for broken artwork at Mexico City art fair

When you break something at work it can make for a bad day. Who hasn’t worked in retail and had to pay for something you accidentally knocked off the shelf? But when the thing you accidentally break is an artwork with a $20,000 price tag, your day it a lot worse. That’s more or less […]

British Museum staff back weekend protesters who used a Trojan Horse to call for BP ties to be cut

Over the weekend, demonstrators gathered inside and out of the British Museum (BM) to protest its connection to BP, a major oil company. Following those events, members of the BM’s staff have echoed the protesters’ sentiments also calling for the institution to cut ties with the oil conglomerate. While the BM is no stranger to […]

For three nights only, Louvre extends blockbuster da Vinci exhibition to an all-night affair

Who hasn’t stayed up until midnight to see the premier of a long-anticipated movie? Well, get your coffees ready as the Louvre will be adding tickets to see its blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci exhibition but the catch: the tickets are to see the famed artist’s works at night. From 9pm through 8:30am on the final […]

Two men confess to stolen Klimt found in gallery wall

When a gardener found Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of a Lady in the garden wall of the very gallery the painting was stolen from more than 20 years ago, it shocked the art world and left a lot of unanswered questions. While the investigation is ongoing, two men have confessed to being the burglars …and returners… […]

Art Lesson: The history of Art Deco

Purpose of this lesson: Entering a new decade means entering into a new, exciting time. If you take a second to think about it, each decade of your life has brought on incredible new things, there have been times of uncertainty and prosperity, and as the 2020s are ushered in, it can be exciting, or […]

At a church in Sussex, an unexpected gem: a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes

A pilgrimage to the Vatican can be the chance of a lifetime for millions of people around the world, for those who are religious and irreligious alike. Over the course of a year, the religious and historic city attracts more than six million visitors, which has even prompted the city to consider visitor caps for […]