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Venice architecture biennale: how pioneering Ghanaian architects reckoned with tropical modernism

Owusu Addo Residence by John Owusu Addo. Kuukuwa Manful, CC BY-NC-ND Kuukuwa Manful, SOAS, University of London As curator of

Valery Katsuba: Nostalgy for Harmony

Photoartist Valery Katsuba is already known in the European art and fashion community. Despite the fact that Valery was born

“I Want To Report A Theft”: Activist Mwazulu Diyabanza tells his own story in new episode of Resistance

A year ago, you might not have been aware of a man by the name of Mwazulu Diyabanza. But that

Archaeology in three parts: Netflix, Stonehenge, and the Wittenham Clumps

From Netflix’s new film to exciting discoveries in England and Wales, a trio of archaeology headlines prove not all things

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Vuslat Dogan Sabancı: Art as an antidote in times of profound disconnection

Between the ongoing humanitarian crisis from the February earthquakes and the divisive political climate amidst the presidential and parliamentary elections,


Prison food: what we learned from organising art workshops for women prisoners

Prison food: what we learned from organising food-themed art workshops for women prisoners Maria Adams, University of Surrey; Erin Power, Liverpool


Modern Canadian horror finds a niche in media identity crisis

Canadian cultural identity in media can be hard to derive from its cinematic output. At the turn of the century, Canadian content was often denoted by its joint productions with […]

Kahlo’s ‘Portrait of Christina’ a rare offering at Christie’s

This past August saw the death of a massively influential member of the American music industry—Jerry Moss, the co-founder of A&M Records alongside legendary bandleader Herb Alpert. As Moss’ art […]

Elliot Page is grounding force of ‘Close To You’

One of the most buzzed-about films that came to international festivals across Canada this season was Close To You. Premiering at TIFF, this slow burn of a modern family drama […]

Fritz Grünbaum’s recovered Egon Schiele up at Christie’s

Restitution has certainly been a hot topic in the art and museum spheres these last few years. From the busting of high-profile trafficking rings to the seizure of Ukrainian pieces […]

Banksy’s true identity bet on throughout libel suit

Few things grip the minds of the public as much as a mystery. It’s no wonder that true crime remains as popular as ever in the vast, interconnected age of […]

Vandal Roberto Palacio defaces Basquiat’s former home

Few can deny the headline-grabbing capability of besmirching the surface of beloved artworks—just look at the tactics of Just Stop Oil and its adjacent groups. Even despite the fact that […]

‘Pixel Pioneer’ debuts unseen digital works by Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s vibrant expressions of cartoonishly simple humanity in motion have become ubiquitous with the framings of the late 80s art world. His truly individual style is gently suffused with […]

Cardiff Miller Art Warehouse housing a unique legacy in B.C.

Locales are always something of great necessity and value in the arts community. No matter the medium, there is a constant struggle to find space to display one’s work. Sometimes […]

Barbenheimmer brings us existential hope in pink

There are few cinematic events in recent history that have seemed so positively polar as that which we have dubbed “Barbenheimmer.” The portmanteau for the Oppenheimer and Barbie movies that, […]