Christie’s Elton John auction has dazzling opening night

Christie’s Elton John auction has dazzling opening night
Courtesy of Christie's.
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It’s not hard to see the aesthetic value in musicians of the 1960s and 70s—pageantry was at its first true peak for modern music and with it came objects and visuals of decadence not yet seen in the century. With these artists also came a blurring of the line between popular culture and high culture, a strange new class of ultra-elites that wore their fame on their sleeves and became subjects of critical analysis and appreciation. So it is no surprise that an Elton John auction would blow the roof off the joint as much as any of his shows would.


Elton John, the piano-pounding glam and pop rocker who has scored hit after hit with lyricist Bernie Taupin, has a signature style all his own. With his characteristic tinted glasses, vibrant costuming, and electric stage presence, he has captivated audiences across generations as a beacon of joy, poignancy, and queer stardom.


Christie’s Elton John auction series features items from across the artist’s work, luxury goods, and clothing. While it runs till February 28th, on its opening night of the 21st it saw every single one of the 49 items on offer sell to a sum of $8 million. Many of the offerings fetched astronomically more than they were estimated at, including a pair of his prescription glasses and silver leather platform boots sporting his initials.


Two of the standouts for the event were Banksy’s Flower Thrower Triptych—perhaps the most iconic image by the legendary street artist—going for nearly $2 million, and Elton’s old wheels, a 1990 Bentley Continental, fetching $441,000.


With the Elton John auction series continuing into next week, its sum total is sure to climb well past opening night as people grab a piece of rock and roll history. With comments that the energy of the auction itself was electric with energy, it’s clear that the fervour for this beloved artist shines as bright as his sequins.