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Forthcoming catalogue raisonné could render Brett Whiteley works worthless

Australian artist Brett Whiteley (1939-1992) made a name for himself creating vibrantly-coloured paintings of nudes and landscapes. Prolific in his work, his paintings have also been the centre of a number of forgery scandals and questions of authenticity in recent years. Although soon, a definitive catalogue of Whiteley’s works may dispel rumors and incite doubts […]

Nalini Malani receives the 2019 Joan Miró Prize

Recently, Nalini Malani was announced as the 2019 winner of the seventh Joan Miró Prize presented by the Fundació Joan Miró and La Caixa Foundation, a segment of a bank in Spain. Malani was selected by a jury consisting of Nimfa Bisbe (head of the La Caixa Foundation contemporary art collection), Iwona Blazwick (director of […]

Louvre staff strike due to ‘suffocating’ guest counts

On the homepage of the Louvre’s website, one of the sliders urges potential visitors to buy their tickets in advance as the museum is ‘exceptionally busy.’ On Monday, the Louvre was unexpectedly closed as security and reception staff went on strike for that exact reason stating that the conditions of the museum were in ‘unprecedented deterioration’ […]

Masterpiece London 2019 dealer list

Masterpiece London brings together a wide range of fine art, jewelry, furniture, and various other dealers from around the world. From June 27th through July 3rd, the fair will take over London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea. This year, the fair will introduce a sculpture section for the first time, not dissimilar to the format that Frieze […]

Every Woman Biennial: A biennial like you’ve never seen

‘My goal is to be an inclusive and rainbow as humanly possible.’ That’s what New York-based artist Christine Finley said of her art show that wrapped up today in New York: the Every Woman Biennial. 11 days ago, the biennial kicked off with a bang of vibrant performances and more than 2,000 attendees at La […]

Fake museum guides spread information on ‘The Crisis at The Whitney’

‘Welcome to The Crisis at The Whitney: A Guide’ Guests entering New York’s Whitney museum recently may have been a little caught off guard when the picked up their museum guide to lead them through the galleries of the well-known institution when read those words: ‘The Crisis at The Whitney.’ It isn’t exactly the usual […]

Dijon’s museum gets a renovation

After undergoing a very, very long reconstruction period, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, one of the most luxurious in Europe, will be reopening its doors. An advertising campaign appropriately proclaims that it’s “a museum transformed”. However, those visitors familiar with the museum’s former layout may have a bit of difficulty finding their way around […]