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Long lost painting by Eugène Delacroix to go on display today at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Today, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (MFAH) will unveil one of its newest acquisitions by Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863). Painted between 1833 and 1834, Women of Algiers in Their Apartment is the first of three copies the artist created of the scene and after it was thought to be lost, the work has made […]

Rediscover Marie Raymond’s luminous canvases at Diane de Polignac

“A painting is harmony, order, balance, created among the chaos of the colored world”, said Marie Raymond. For the first time in too many years, the exhibition “To the Light” (September 19 – November 29, 2019),at the Diane de Polignac Gallery in Paris offers up a vibrant tribute to the visionary French painter Marie Raymond, […]

Despite please from Mexico, sale of pre-Columbian works goes ahead and brings in €1.2 million

Despite attempts by Mexico to halt an auction of pre-Columbian artefacts, the sale by Alexandre Millon went ahead on September 18th at Drouot in Paris. The artefacts that have caused a stir were presented for sale by collectors Manichak and Jean Aurance and as late as Tuesday, Central American countries were calling for the return […]

Musée d’Orsay receives paintings that once belonged to Gustave Caillebotte’s bulter

A set of five artworks by Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894) now grace the walls of the Musée d’Orsay. Though little known, the works of art show an intimate side mainly because of their subject matter and provenance. The artworks were a gift given to the museum by Marie-Jeanne Daurelle, the great-granddaughter of Jean Daurelle, Caillebotte’s butler […]

New perspectives on the Nabis and Léger

Recent events in Paris and the rest of France during the last few months have meant that some exhibitions have probably not been given the recognition that they deserve. An exhibition called The Nabis and the Decorative Arts which was held at Luxembourg Museum during the spring and which ended in late June, was such […]

Picasso, the great Mediterranean

There’s no doubt that Picasso was a Mediterranean in his soul: the colours and themes of his work were a response to the call of the South, and the painter’s highly publicized biography does not overlook his preference for the sunny shores, especially since the master didn’t mind being photographed, robust and practically naked, at […]

Artist highlight: JR, the anonymous street artist shedding light on the invisible

Who is JR? Well, frankly, we don’t really know who he. On the spectrum of the highly-elusive Banksy to the often in the media Ai Weiwei, JR is somewhere in the middle. He doesn’t shy away from an interview or a public appearance, necessarily, but JR always wears a hat and sunglasses to keep identity […]