Mikhail Karikis’s ‘No Ordinary Protest’ is no ordinary installation

You hear Mikhail Karikis’s No Ordinary Protest, before you see anything as you move from gallery to gallery in the Whitechapel Gallery. The dark blue walls are interrupted by the glow of UV masks in the images and video that runs while the expected silence of the gallery is disturbed by a mix of children’s […]

Genet’s motionless years in Tangier

Jim Jarmusch filmed Only lovers left alive, a love story between two vampires, in Tangier, a city he called marvellously open-minded where some of the strangest people come and go but no one seems to take notice. Strangely enough it was probably a bit of this rebellious angel, this thug poet, this tortured soul, whom […]

Beautiful, yet divided: experiencing the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Living with Buildings’

The Wellcome Collection’s newest free exhibition puts architecture and design in the lime light in ‘Living with Buildings’ which runs until 3 March 2019. With focus on the architecture of wellbeing, particularly concerning the development of medical institutions and their architecture, the flow of the exhibition is somewhat stunted but the overall show is beautiful. […]

A Hotspot for contemporary art in the south of France: Villa Noailles

In the South of France, a modernist villa overlooks the historic city of Hyeres, offering visitors a stunning a view over the picturesque bay and islands beyond. Art lovers will be entranced by this jewel of the Riviera, the beauty and uniqueness of its location impressing even the most discerning critic. Now a backdrop for […]

It’s not you, it’s me: exploring the Barbican’s ‘Modern Couples’

Obsessional. Devoted. Progressive. Revolutionary. These are some of the adjectives the Barbican Art Gallery has given to the 40 couples represented in their exhibition, ‘Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde’. In an attempt to chip away at the complex confines of the relationships between artists of the 20th century, the exhibition shows couples of […]

‘Picturing Friendship’: a quick snapshot of friendships from the 1500s to 2000s

Nestled between portraits from the Tudor and Regency periods of British history, Room 16 of London’s National Portrait Gallery holds a series of images that aim to depict ideas of friendship. The small show called ‘Picturing Friendship’ shows a range of relationships that fall into the category of friends. Meant to span from the 1500s […]

Franz West’s exhibition at Pompidou

Franz West’s exhibition at Pompidou From September 12 to December 10, 2018, The Pompidou Centre is staging a large retrospective of the Austrian artist Franz West. While West may not be so well known in France, he gained an international reputation during his lifetime, leaving around 6000 artworks as his legacy. If contemplating art from […]