Orianne Castel

Orianne Castel est doctorante en philosophie à l’Université Paris 8 Vincennes et à l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Également artiste, elle est représentée par la galerie Massimo De Luca à Venise et la galerie Analix Forever à Genève. Elle est co-rédactrice en chef d’Art Critique.

Oblique space

In anticipation of the exhibit beginning on January 17, 2019 dedicated to the geometric abstract painter Geneviève Claisse who died in April of last year, the Denise René Gallery’s Marais space offers an exhibit focusing on the oblique. The gallery, which will soon be celebrating its 75th anniversary, draws on its impressive collection of abstract […]

Picasso and Rutault, the great divergence

As its title indicates, the “Picasso-Rutault: Divergence” exhibit compares two painters with approaches that are so different that to go from one to the other would be an acrobatic feat. The exposition invites us to make this leap between two distinctive artistic techniques but, more importantly, between two periods of painting history. It was in […]

In conversation with gallery owner Maria Lund

Maria Lund is the director of the gallery bearing her name located on rue de Turenne in Le Marais. In an interview for Art Critique she outlines her concept of the profession of gallery owner Orianne Castel : You cover a vast field of artistic practices, representing artists who paint as as well as those who […]

After the ICAF, go back and see Art by Yasmina Resa

This week there has been a proliferation of articles relating to public reaction to works of art. Whether they are produced by well known artists shown at Grand Palais as part of the International Contemporary Art Fair (ICAF) or those of lesser known artists unveiled at Carreau du Temple for the Young International Artists (YIA) […]

“Manifesto” a manifest film

Before becoming a film, Manifesto was an installation created by German artist Julian Rosefeldt. Premiering in 2016 at the Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin, the film was shown on thirteen screens broadcasting ten-minute films in a loop. All together there are thirteen videos in the form of sketches where Cate Blanchette plays all the roles […]

A conversation with collector Achille Mauri

Achille Mauri invites us into his apartment in Milan on the Palazzo Cagnola.  Works by artists like Alighiero Boetti, Lucio Fontana, Fabio Mauri, Man Ray and Andy Warhol adorn his walls. Orianne Castel :Your apartment contains hundreds of paintings and sculptures. Most of them are on display, others, stored here and there, are still unwrapped.  When […]