Art Critique


Ai Weiwei’s Lego classics are much more than playful reproduction

Art Basel has become the annual mecca for the year’s oddball artistic offering. From Maurizio Cattelan’s Comedian to MSCHF’s ATM Leaderboard, it is a home for statements in surprising formats. […]

Whitewashed European Union Banksy torn down

The ephemeral nature of graffiti and mural work is always in some state of jeopardy. The medium itself embodies a transience that of course is understood and expected by those […]

Has Banksy’s name really been revealed as “Robert Banks”?

The identity of the infamously elusive Banksy, ever a hot topic in the art world, has been buzzing for the last while thanks to ongoing legal battles for the artist. […]

“Creation with her Children” to be de-installed in protest

Protesting through the channels of high-profile arts institutions is a tricky feat. Whether it be via an act of visible disobedience a la Just Stop Oil or a work itself […]

Nia Centre for the Arts is Toronto’s first Black art centre

In the ongoing struggle to establish artistic spaces in North America, every accomplished endeavour feels like a tremendous victory. With the newly established location for the Nia Centre for the […]

Littleton, New Hampshire: home of demonic rainbow portals

Littleton—a small town (who would’ve guessed?) in New Hampshire. Its intrinsically quaint name gives a sense of picturesque Americana and storybook suburbia. And in giving it a passing glance, it’s […]

Modern Canadian horror finds a niche in media identity crisis

Canadian cultural identity in media can be hard to derive from its cinematic output. At the turn of the century, Canadian content was often denoted by its joint productions with […]