Art Critique


Extinction Rebellion not ‘An Enemy of the People’

In a continuing trend of non-violent protest, Extinction Rebellion has once again made a very public splash in the arts realm. In the middle of a preview of a new […]

Christie’s Elton John auction has dazzling opening night

It’s not hard to see the aesthetic value in musicians of the 1960s and 70s—pageantry was at its first true peak for modern music and with it came objects and […]

America Ferrera to star as Ana Mendieta in “Naked by the Window”

Following what was an extremely impactful year for the actor with her staggering performance in Barbie, America Ferrera is slated to star as Cuban artist Ana Mendieta in the upcoming […]

Odysseus makes landing with Jeff Koons’ “Moon Phases”

Humanity’s relationship with putting our mark on the universe at large grows more prominent with each step forward our technologies take. From claiming stars as gifts to launching a gaudy […]

Monaghan & Boyd astound in Neptune Theatre’s “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern”

If you were to tell me years ago that one of the biggest draws to Nova Scotia’s premiere regional theatre in 2024 would be a pair of hobbits, I would’ve […]

Poor Things is an electric, eclectic, esoteric spark of life

2023 was a ripe year for cinema—one need only look at the truly all-consuming cultural event that was Barbenheimmer to see that. Both films offered two entirely different experiences that […]

The Runner pulled from Belfry Theatre amidst mounting tensions

We have been no stranger to gruesome conflicts at borders these past years. But the Israel-Palestine conflict that still rages on has been a much more divisive matter of public […]