Brandon Lorimer

Beeple celebrates ‘Everydays’ 15th anniversary on The Tonight Show

With each passing year, the cultural boundaries that used to separate different camps of interests become thinner and thinner. Through the all-encompassing nature of social media, everything is under the same roof, and its inevitable that once divergent topics end up sharing space together. This can be seen in an equally curious and comedic light […]

“The Milk of Dreams” fuels the 2022 Venice Biennale

How does one concisely evoke the essence of the 2022 Venice Biennale? One can’t, but one can certainly try. The Biennale, containing over 120 years of history as one of the world’s foremost arts exhibitions, hosts some of the globe’s most talented creators and their creations across visual arts, architecture, film, dance, music, and theatre. […]

Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility sells for $1.2 million

In our modern, digital-consumerist society, we are no strangers to paying for…well, nothing. Fleeting online experiences that amount to singular serotonin boosts (hopefully), shiny costumes for digital avatars, or the ability to let people know that a particular .JPEG really and truly belongs to us. But quite possibly the epitome of humanity’s absurdity and the […]

Artwork seized by Finland returns to Russia

As the complications stemming from the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war continue to grow and manifest, with sanctions extending to all manner of industries and culture from Russia at home and around the world. This past week saw a mixed example of the sanctions at work with a sizeable shipment of artwork seized by Finland that was […]

“Star Wars Kid: The Rise of the Digital Shadows” urges for digital empathy

We are at the point in this digital age where virality is taken for granted. Andy Warhol’s prophecy of everyone’s fifteen minutes of fame has never been more true—and more shallow. But there was a time not so long ago that the sheer concept of hundreds of millions of people sharing in the same online […]

What does theatre mean on World Theatre Day?

With another rotation of this planet called Earth comes another day marked as World Theatre Day, so hug a theatre practitioner in your life—we generally need it.   My first inclination at seeing World Theatre Day coming up on the bend was to talk about the happenings driven by the International Theatre Institute, the world […]

Donetsk Regional Drama Theatre destroyed in Russian bombing

As the war stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marches on, we are seeing the cultural connections and outputs of both nations being deeply affected. From the sanctions applied globally to Russian artists across the board—many willfully stepping out of positions and events in solidarity against this war—to the violence and destruction suffered by Ukrainians […]