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New York judge declares Call of Duty to be art

In September 2018, the Victoria and Albert Museum presented an exhibition highlighting video games. They’re one of many institutions that have taken more notice of video games in recent years but the “is it art?” question still looms large. A New York judge has potentially made more room for video games in the art world […]

The design and history behind a few popular household items

Spending time at home, we’ve become more acquainted with the household items that surround us than every. We’ve decided to look at the history and design of a couple of household items to look at how they came to be. Chances are, you’ve got one or a couple of them in your own home, or […]

A print by Dalí becomes a major thrift store find in North Carolina

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s the motto that second hand, consignment, antique, and thrift shops thrive off. Most often, one finds trinkets, items with sentimental attachments, or bits and bobs, but in one North Carolina thrift shop, a print turned out to be a major treasure. Priced between just $10 and $50, […]

Art World Roundup: toilet roll, antiquites in Germany, and art-loving gerbils

In this week’s Art World Roundup, we cover antiquities with uncertain pasts, a case of restitution, toilet roll art, and an art gallery… for gerbils.  Thousands head to the Huangshan mountains, forcing more closures As countries around the world continue to ramp up lockdown scenarios, China was able to begin easing restrictions last weekend. With […]

Rube Goldberg Inc. wants to see your take on hand washing

Washing your hands is simple, right? It’s a familiar task we do almost on autopilot: soap, water, 30 seconds, and you’re done. However, Jennifer George, the granddaughter of famed cartoonist Rube Goldberg, wants to make it more complicated, in the name of fun. George has put out a call to families to think up the […]

Artist Relief offers $10 million in grants to US artists during the time of COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19 is stressful, no matter how you cut it. A main worry for many is how to stay afloat, financially, during such an uncertain time, and for artists, the path forward might seem tumultuous. Historically, tough times have led to incredible creative spurts and the general public have looked to artists and their creations […]

How the iconic coronavirus illustration came to be

What’s red, orange, yellow, and grey all over? That’s right, the illustration for the novel coronavirus. It’s an image that has been used time and time again around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Newspapers, media sources, and TV broadcasts, alike, have relied on the image to help raise awareness for the virus and […]