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Nominees for the 2019 Pierre Daix Art Book Prize Announced

Five nominees have just been announced for the 2019 Pierre Daix Prize, created by François Pinault in 2015 in memory of his longtime friend, the journalist, writer and historian who was also Picasso’s biographer, who passed away in November 2014. Since then, the annual prize, with a grant of 10,000 euros, honors an outstanding book […]

Dr Joan Weinstein chosen as director of the J. Paul Getty Foundation

On July 8th, the J. Paul Getty Foundation announced that Dr Joan Weinstein would become the foundation’s new director. Weinstein’s selection came after an international search although she is currently serving as the deputy director, a roll she’d held since 2007. Weinstein will follow Deborah Marrow who served as the Getty director for more than […]

The man who painted Jesus

Matthew Robert Anderson, Concordia University April 30 is the 127th birthday of an artist whose name you probably don’t know, but his work may be the most widely distributed of the 20th century. Despite never leaving Chicago, Warner Sallman influenced how many Christians the world over, for better or worse, picture Jesus. Anderson University in […]

‘Show Me Yours’: exploring the nude figure in novel ways

‘Show Me Yours’ is a group exhibition on at Monique Meloche Gallery in Chicago. The exhibition, which features artworks by Bianca Nemelc, Jake Troyli, and Brittney Leeanne Williams, runs alongside a solo show of works by Cheryl Pope called ‘BASKING NEVER HURT NO ONE.’ Pope’s works explore the nude figure in a novel manner. The […]

Wait, the Mona Lisa isn’t a great example of the Mona Lisa Effect?

The short answer: no, not really, according to new research. Mona Lisa’s gaze, or what has been called the Mona Lisa Effect for years, is the feeling that no matter where you move in relation to a figure in an artwork, the eyes in the image follow you. Earlier this year, though, scientists debunked the […]

A new exhibition captures the magic and power of tattoos across cultures

Fareed Kaviani, Monash University Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks, a suite of exhibitions at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum, offers visitors a chance to engage with tattoo on a level deeper than skin. Here, stories of culture, tradition and migration speak through embedded ink. Without personally experiencing a tattoo, it may be hard to understand why […]

Indonesian art is fresh, energetic and lively. Why do we not see more of it?

Alison Carroll, University of Melbourne Review: Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia, National Gallery of Australia They talk of a family of nations, or families of nations. In Australia, the UK can still be referred to as the mother country, while the English talk of their American cousins. Geographic neighbours usually have these relationships down pat, though with […]