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Collector says New York lawyer swindled him out of Constantin Brancusi sculpture, files lawsuit

Long-time art collector Stuart Pivar has filed a lawsuit against New York lawyer John McFadden for allegedly tricking Pivar into selling an artwork to him for far less than it was worth. The artwork in question is a bronze statue by sought-after Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi entitled Mademoiselle Pogany II, whose cast was created in 1947. […]

Independent Art Fair Brussels closes down, citing a weak local market and busy calendars

It was only three years ago when Independent exported its signature aisle-less art fair model it had established in New York to Europe, launching Independent Brussels. Now, three editions later, the fair has announced that it will be closing down its Brussels edition. Independent’s co-founder and CEO, Elizabeth Dee, blamed problems with the location as […]

J. Paul Getty honours Notre Dame with new exhibition

Just weeks after UNESCO added new sites to its registry of World Heritage Sites, another site, recognized by the organization in 1991, will be honoured by an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Notre Dame, the historic centre of Paris, begun in 1160, and on April 15th of this year tragically […]

Wynn Resorts to build massive complex highlights the arts

Wynn Resorts, the company founded by controversial art collector and casino mogul Steve Wynn, plans to double down on its commitment to gambling with a $2 billion expansion to its Macau resort and casino. What has been dubbed the Crystal Pavilion complex will not only be a haven for casino-goers but also a massive ode […]

Ahdaf Soueif resigns from British Museum’s board of trustees

On July 15th, Ahdaf Soueif, a writer from Egypt, resigned from the British Museum’s board of trustees through an article she published through the London Review of Books. Having served since 2012, Soueif cited the museum’s ongoing relationship with BP, its lack of stance on restitution, and the treatment of its workers as her reason […]

Letting the public weigh in on a controversial statue of Theodore Roosevelt

Memorial statues have become a point of contention in the US in recent years, specifically those that perceivably glorify the triumphs of some at the cost of others. Statues from the American Civil War period have received particularly strong criticism leading to their defacement, protests, and in some cases, their removal. One well-known statue, though, […]

Feminist Art pioneer Judy Chicago gets her first-ever retrospective in 2020

In the past few decades, Judy Chicago has become an icon of contemporary art, originally due to her most famous work, “The Dinner Party” (1974–1979). The installation was hailed as the first epic feminist artwork, serving to symbolize the history of women in civilization. There are 39 elaborate place settings arranged along a triangular table […]