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Four exhibitions that could be affected by the US government shutdown

Over a month into the longest government shutdown in the US, countless government organizations are suffering and an estimated 800,000 government pay checks have been withheld from thousands of government […]

Mississippi artist rethinks the state’s flag representing a tumultuous past

Vexillology, you know, the art and study of flag design, ok, maybe you don’t know that, but the field plays an important role in the representation of countries, states, and […]

Kanye West gives $10 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project

Rapper Kanye West has given $10 million to American artist James Turrell to help fund his ongoing land art project. In a December tweet, West stated ‘This is life changing. […]

Audience or attendance?

Lately there has been a concurrence of exhibitions where developing an audience has been more important than merely ensuring public attendance. What has been impressive about these exhibitions is their […]

Walker Art Centre commissions new public work focused on Native American community

The Walker Art Centre in Minnesota recently announced an open call to artists for a new public artwork for their Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The call to artists is a collaboration […]

‘Candy Nations’ series sparks controversy in NYC

A sculptural installation in New York City is causing controversy due to its content and proximity to Ground Zero. Candy Nations, created by French artist Laurence Jenkell in 2011 for […]

Singapore exhibition features an unexpected star

What do a series of books featuring cut outs and found objects, the National Museum of Singapore’s exhibition ‘Unhomed Belongings’, and Kill Bill have in common? Well-known Hollywood actress and […]