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Fine Art Group buys Falcon Fine Art with Warhol, Picasso

The Fine Art Group, a leading independent global advisory firm, has acquired the art-lending division of the specialist financier Falcon Group. No figures have been released for the acquisition. Falcon Fine Art was launched by Kamel Alzarka in 2014, as a division of his Falcon Group, which offers alternative financing options for businesses. The group […]

Francine du Plessix Gray (1933–2019)

“We write out of revenge against reality, to dream and enter the lives of others,” wrote Francine du Plessix Gray. A French-American novelist, journalist, biographer art and literary critic, she recently passed away in Manhattan at the age of 88. Ms. Gray, whose elegant, often soulful books examined women’s lives and identities with great psychological insight, authored […]

Artist highlight: Charles White (1918-1979)

Working during a pivotal moment in US history, this American artist created powerful works as an artist of colour for people of colour. His life and works continue to influence artist and are the subject of a new retrospective.     Charles White (1918-1979) created powerful images of African Americans over the course of his […]

The Met re-visits gifting policies in light of lawsuits involving the Sackler family

Recently, the City of New York formally accused the Sackler family, who own Purdue Pharma, of misleading the public for decades about the dangers of OxyContin, an opioid created and marketed by the pharmaceutical company. In light of the accusations, art institutions who have benefited from the wealthy family have had to re-evaluate. New York […]

Four exhibitions that could be affected by the US government shutdown

Over a month into the longest government shutdown in the US, countless government organizations are suffering and an estimated 800,000 government pay checks have been withheld from thousands of government employees. Now, the museum sector is about to realize a new level of pressure stemming from having to shut their doors to wait for the […]

Mississippi artist rethinks the state’s flag representing a tumultuous past

Vexillology, you know, the art and study of flag design, ok, maybe you don’t know that, but the field plays an important role in the representation of countries, states, and territories as a way to represent its people in a small, deceivingly complex manner. However, representing a large body of people with one, sometimes outdated, […]

Kanye West gives $10 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project

Rapper Kanye West has given $10 million to American artist James Turrell to help fund his ongoing land art project. In a December tweet, West stated ‘This is life changing. We all will live in Turrell spaces,’ after visiting the artist’s monumental Roden Crater. The announcement was made on Monday with West stating that his […]