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The biggest auction sales of 2018 that didn’t include a paper shredder

2018 was a year of drama, plot twists and breaking major new records for auction sales. As the year comes to an end, we reflect on some of the top auction sales of 2018. 1. Kerry James Marshall: Record $21.1 million sale for Chicago artwork Kerry James Marshall, “Past Times,” 1997 To much acclaim, Sotheby’s […]

Glenstone Museum: a passion project uniting art, architecture, and nature

100 acres of rolling countryside make for an unusual location for a fine arts museum but that is exactly where Mitchell and Emily Rales have developed Glenstone Museum, a not-for-profit contemporary art museum and foundation. Mitch, as his friends call him, first broke ground on the museum in 2003 after scarcely surviving a helicopter crash. […]

Postrauma – Coping in a post-capitalist society

How does a post-capitalist society cope with trauma?  An exhibition that opened last Friday is giving a pessimistic, almost drab answer to that question in Santiago. Jorge Brantmayer, Victor Castillo, Catalina Gonazalez, Angie Saiz, and Joaquin Segura collaborated to present Postrauma – an in-depth artistic study of the post-traumatic state in the post-capitalist fabric.   Angie Saiz, also acting as the curator for the exhibition, said of […]

Meow Wolf: A Novel Model for Artists on the Fringe

Meow Wolf emerged blazing from the ashes of the Western art incubator that is Santa Fe, NM. Now a 50-million-dollar arts and entertainment group, Meow Wolf began as an art collective in 2008. The original core of roughly ten artists established the group to support one another’s art practices in Santa Fe’s formalized art market: […]

Spencer Sweeney at Gagosian Gallery

This December the Gagosian gallery, located on Park Ave. and 75th Street in New York City, presented by Spencer Sweeney’s latest works. The figurative painter, who is also a DJ and club owne r, has been a legend of the Downtown scene for two decades. Sweeney’s latest works exemplify his approach to life and art, […]

The good, bad, and the ugly: 2018 in review

As the year draws to an end, it feels like the best time to look back at the art world’s highs and lows. So, we’ve summed 2018 up for you here. The good: Banksy, Banksy, Banksy… This year, it seems like Banksy just hasn’t stopped. Whether it was when he shredded his own artwork minutes […]

Protesters call to ‘decolonize’ the Whitney starting with museum board vice chairman

Around noon on December 9th, the lobby of the Whitney Museum of American Art filled with around 250 protesters chanting ‘decolonise this museum!’ The protest comes as a response to the link between museum board of trustees vice chairman Warren B. Kanders and November incidents against migrants involving tear gas along the US border with […]