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Museums & their workers struggle against coronavirus

I work at an art museum in the United States that closed two weeks ago to join the struggle against spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19). I am one of many workers whose employment status in the coming weeks, perhaps months, is uncertain. While the virus spread over China in the early months of 2020, many cultural institutions […]

Is the art world’s #MeToo reckoning coming?

A group of Pennsylvania art institutions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, are struggling to contain a scandal which might have lingering ramifications for the global art world. The drama escalated last month, when the New York Times shared the claims of multiple women, who reported that Joshua Helmer, the 31-year-old former manager at the […]

Art in the time of coronavirus

Amid growing panic over the rapid spread of the coronavirus, some of Italy’s most famous museums are shuttering their doors. From Turin to Venice, seven northern regions have been directed by Rome to close their museums. At the same time, the cultural ministry has revoked free entry to state museums nationwide. The Italian art world […]

Owner of Banksy’s ‘Season’s Greeting’ ditches museum plans

John Brandler, an Essex-based art dealer and gallery owner, has backed away from plans to open a street art museum in Port Talbot after purchasing Banksy’s Season’s Greetings mural. Shortly after buying the artwork for a mere £100,000, Brandler proposed a museum highlighting street artists for the Welsh town that would centre around the artwork […]

Whose Culture Is It?

Earlier this month, the theater group “BP or not BP?” stormed the British Museum in what they called the “Stolen Goods Tour.” The tour featured lectures and performances by indigenous artists and activists from Australia, Iraq, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Greece, as part of a call to return cultural objects from those countries and put […]

Christophe Girard : “Paris keeps it appointment with the 21st century”.

On the Rue de Valois just as in City Hall, there are two kinds of politicians in charge of cultur : “politicos”, the men and women who view working in culture merely as a rung on the ladder of their political aspirations and “literary scholars”, in the broadest sense of the term, whose history and taste […]