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‘Beyond the Streets’: graffiti, past and present

Graffiti has experienced a love hate relationship with the art world. What began as a way for people to express themselves or show their alliances has, in recent years, grown to be fairly accepted by the art world but it still isn’t universally appreciated. In the last few decades, graffiti has also played its fair […]

Looking back at ‘Disappearing’, an exhibition featuring Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein

Art, however multifaceted it may be, is something usually thought of as a productive thing. An artist manipulates their substrate, be it a canvas, a wall, or stone, until it becomes something which is was not before. The object they work on becomes something different, even in the smallest of ways, from what it was […]

Architectural lighting in Firminy

Few buildings have resolved the challenge of interior lighting with more mastery than the church of Saint-Pierre in Firminy, Le Corbusier’s “newest”, a project which was conceived after the architect’s death but whose production then took several years, so many, in fact, that the completed church is now a 21st century building. With its lighting […]

Beaux Arts London to highlight four of Britain’s biggest names in Modernism

‘Four Giants of British Modernism’ is an exhibition setting out to do exactly what it says: highlight four of Britain’s biggest names in modernism. The show, which will be at Beaux Arts London, will feature artists Terry Frost, William Scott, Peter Lanyon, and Patrick Heron. What ‘Four Giants’ essentially offers is a miniature retrospective of […]

‘Declaration of’: exhibition of works by Boedi Widjaja explores notions of memory through a stunning body of work

In just a few weeks, the Helwaser Gallery will open an exhibition of works by artist Boedi Widjaja, born in Indonesia but based in Singapore. Titled ‘Declaration of’, the exhibition explores notions of collective memory, gaze, and embodiment. ‘Declaration of’ will feature a number of Widjaja’s newest works, many of which are from ‘Imaginary Homeland,’ […]

Found Pinturicchio painting on view at the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria

In 1990, a painting by Bernardino di Betti ‘Pinturicchio’ (1454-1513) was stolen from its home. Since then, the painting was nowhere to be found until recently when the masterpiece, Madonna and Child, was recovered nearly 30 years later by Italy’s Cultural Heritage Protection Unit. The painting is now poised to be returned to its private […]

Marshmallow Laser Feast brings nature to life in extraordinary ways at the Odunpazari Modern Museum

Experiencing nature can be as simple as walking outside, sitting in a park, or having a pint in a pub garden during lunch. Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), a British art collective, is bringing two installations to the Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) each of which present a unique opportunity to be at one with nature in […]