New paintings by Kerry James Marshall reference the ornithological works of John James Audubon

A crow on the ground a decade ago served as inspiration for two new works by artist Kerry James Marshall that have recently gone on view through the David Zwirner Gallery online viewing rooms. The paintings are the first in a series that has developing in Marshall’s mind for the better part of those 10 […]

Bill Reid’s Haida grizzly bear honoured in new minting

Physical currency has long been a means for a region to portray its culture, history, and values. While the most common images on the majority of currencies are politicians and leaders, many nations also have specially minted coins throughout the year for purchase as well as unique designs in circulation. Whether it be in tandem […]

Penn Museum to repatriate skulls of enslaved people held in the Morton Cranial Collection

The University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Museum has announced it will repatriate a number of crania that belonged to enslaved peoples. The skulls are part of a larger collection of more than 1,000 skulls that make up the Morton Cranial Collection, which has been held at the Penn Museum since 1966. The collection of skulls was […]

The Art World Reacts to Gavin Brown Joining Barbara Gladstone

New York legacy art dealer Gavin Brown announced last week that he will be joining forces with Barbara Gladstone Gallery. The partnership will form a mega gallery similar in size to Pace, David Zwirner, and Hauser & Wirth. The news sent shock waves through the New York art world. “The past 26 years were an […]

Three women artists pushing ceramics forward

Ceramics have long been classified as craft work and for thousands of years, people have created ceramics for use or decoration and the line between the two has often been blurred. However, in recent years, ceramics as a medium has gained traction within the art world allowing it to stand on its own as an […]

Thanks to astronomy, researchers in Texas figure out the time, date, and year of Vermeer’s “View of Delft”

Nothing if not technical, Vermeer is known for his expert handling of light and shadow, which has mesmerised many for centuries. However, even today, not a lot is known about the artist’s life and how he worked, which is how he earned the nickname “The Sphinx of Delft” and why many of his works remain […]

The REALM Project sheds light on how long the COVID-19-causing virus can live on library materials

Social distancing and other safety precautions have adjusted the way visitors experience museums, galleries, and more as lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. However, for libraries, whether it be a public library or the Victoria & Albert’s reading rooms, what happens when their main items are meant to be handled, thumbed through, and taken home, yet […]