Three southern California institutes seek to better support underrepresented students and faculty

Three institutions in southern California have created internships, endowments, and programmes to better support Black and underrepresented faculty and students. We’re taking a look:   The Getty The Getty has announced the inaugural class of interns in their post-grad internship programme aimed at addressing the lack of diversity in the field of art conservation. Acquiring […]

Once thought a fake, experts now link painting to Rembrandt

A small, postcard-sized panel painting held at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum for decades has been determined to be from the Rembrandt workshop. The painting was long thought to be at worst, a forged Rembrandt, and at best, a later artist copying the Old Master’s style, but recent testing has disproved this long-held belief. Tomorrow, the painting, […]

Theatre on the waves- The Amara Zee sets sail again

With the majority of theatre companies still adjusting to the current norm, the biggest question facing them remains more or less the same as before: how do we get theatre to the people? There are certainly more facets to answer now than previously, with large congregations- especially ones indoors- having strict regulations on them nearly […]

The Guggenheim Museum acquired a portrait painting by Amoako Boafo

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City has acquired a painting by the Ghanian star painter Amoako Boafo, his gallerist Mariane Ibrahim announced on Wednesday. The work, called Joy Adenike (2019), is a large portrait painted in Boafo’s signature finger-painted style, enters the museum’s collection later this week, marking a significant career milestone for the […]

Promise not to flip! Buyers of works from Christie’s latest exhibition must pledge not to resell them for at least 5 years

Earlier this year, a painting by Amoako Boafo sold (read: flipped), at Phillips in London for $881,432 — over 10 times its estimate, and more than 3,000 percent what the seller had originally paid for it less than a year earlier.  As often the case with speculating and flipping works, the artist did not see […]

KAWS’ COMPANION takes an out of this world trip, literally

Looking rather bashful with Earth as his backdrop, COMPANION took a day trip to space. Created by American artist KAWS, who once again teamed up with AllRightsReserved, the metallic sculpture soared above the clouds, 41.5 km from solid ground. So, technically, the work didn’t make it into space but he flew high enough to enter […]

Thomas J Price unveils statue in London representing the Black “everywoman”

Who do we celebrate? Who do we memorialise? These questions loom large as cities around the world are forced to deal with the implications of their public monuments and memorials to people who have led problematic lives, often having flourished off the back of oppression. A recently unveiled work by artist Thomas J Price in […]