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Responding to new report, Paris Opera Ballet pledges to make diversity a priority at the historic institution

The Paris Opera Ballet is the oldest national ballet company in the world and is steeped in tradition. For all its grandeur and prestige, the ballet is notably lacking in […]

Art World Roundup: A painting by Churchill heads to auction, Gee’s Bend quilts head to Etsy, and more

In this week’s Art World Roundup, we bring you news of the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the Guelph Treasure, an unusual painting by former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill […]

Color of Change presents The Pedestal Project: an AR experience envisioning racial justice leaders atop plinths left empty

In cities across the US, empty pedestals are what remain after statues memorialising the Confederate side of the American Civil War were toppled or removed in recent months. Thus, the […]

United States Artists announces 2021 USA Fellowships

United States Artists (USA) Fellowships are among the most prestigious art awards in the US that for 15 years have honoured and supported artists across a number of disciplines. Every […]

Art dealer lambasts Hermitage Fabergé exhibition for inclusion of “tawdry fakes”

An open letter penned by dealer Andre Ruzhnikov has propelled an exhibition of Fabergé works at the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. […]

The changing face of art collections

The days of traditional fine art collecting may be behind us. Technology and the push for diversity are changing how individuals and museums acquire art and their approach to building […]

The Great Big Art Exhibition kicks off across the UK with help from artist Antony Gormley

In the throes of its third national lockdown, people across the UK are looking for ways to persevere through the pandemic. To get people creating while they remain at home, […]