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Looking back at ‘Disappearing’, an exhibition featuring Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein

Art, however multifaceted it may be, is something usually thought of as a productive thing. An artist manipulates their substrate, be it a canvas, a wall, or stone, until it becomes something which is was not before. The object they work on becomes something different, even in the smallest of ways, from what it was […]

Haus der Kunst continues to face turmoil

Germany’s Haus der Kunst has had a tumultuous couple of years and at the moment, it seems that turmoil may continue while wreaking more havoc on its employees. The museum, which has been struggling financially, may now lay off about two-thirds of its employees. Of the 48 staff members whose positions are on the line, […]

High Museum receives donation of 24 impressionist, post-impressionist, and modernist artworks

Just a few days ago, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art shared that they will receive a donation of 24 impressionist, post-impressionist, and modernist paintings. The donation comes from Doris and Shouky Shaheen, an Atlanta-based philanthropist and collection couple, who decided to gift the entirety of their collection to the museum. ‘We are exceptionally grateful for the generosity […]

The esthetics of re-creation

A month ago, Rennes University Press published the latest edition of the Modern Arts collection. Editors Dominique Chateau and José Moure (both professors at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) have included contributions from numerous specialists in the field of creation which explore the concept of re-creation in the arts. By using Paul Valery’s quote […]

Architectural lighting in Firminy

Few buildings have resolved the challenge of interior lighting with more mastery than the church of Saint-Pierre in Firminy, Le Corbusier’s “newest”, a project which was conceived after the architect’s death but whose production then took several years, so many, in fact, that the completed church is now a 21st century building. With its lighting […]

Nan Goldin was arrested protesting outside Governor Cuomo’s office

Nan Goldin was arrested along with 12 other members of PAIN, the activist group she founded to protest the opioid crisis, while protesting outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in Manhattan on Wednesday. According to ARTnews, the protests were intended to raise awareness for the number of deaths by overdosing on opioid and prescription […]

Beaux Arts London to highlight four of Britain’s biggest names in Modernism

‘Four Giants of British Modernism’ is an exhibition setting out to do exactly what it says: highlight four of Britain’s biggest names in modernism. The show, which will be at Beaux Arts London, will feature artists Terry Frost, William Scott, Peter Lanyon, and Patrick Heron. What ‘Four Giants’ essentially offers is a miniature retrospective of […]